Sun Enters Virgo (August 22, 2020)

The Pathway of Perfection

There is but one question that you will face, again and again:

Why am I here?

If you remain still and listen, you will hear the answer rising from the divine spark within you, and you will hear your beloved soul lovingly reply:

You are here for one purpose only; you are here to become a better human.

The Wheel of Life is turning once more, and in the Heavenly Kingdom above and in the innermost sanctum of your heart, you will feel a change in the air now. There is a different quality of light at dawn, and at dusk, the days grow shorter, the nights are longer, and you know that you need to prepare for what lies ahead.

Yes, the whole world can feel it, and you can feel it too, that a new season is coming. But before you can move forward you must turn around and tend to your harvest; you have learned much, and you must gather the fruits of your labors over the last many months. Yes, before you move into the next season of life you must understand what you have learned about yourself and your world.

Today you enter a time in between; today you move into Virgo. In every year at this time, and wherever Virgo is found in your chart, it is here for the next 30 days, and in that space forever, that you are offered the gift of attunement, alignment, and healing.

After the realm of Leo, after you have stretched yourself into new forms of Leadership, Creativity and Love, after your latest performance, it is time to pause and review; it is time to integrate, adjust and prepare for the second half of the Circle of Life that will begin in Libra.

In Virgo you are offered the gift of a greater measure of Self-Understanding; by Virgo, you come to know and understand that your spiritual journey is about one thing only, Self-Mastery. Your first step to Mastery is to “know thyself”, to use your wondrous gifts of Self-Awareness, Intelligence and Objectivity. By these tools of Mastery, you strive to attune and align the hierarchy of your entire being, to forge an integral balance of your body, heart, and mind; as an Apprentice of Spirit, you train yourself and train with others to become a Master of Light through Right Thinking and Right Action.

Your first step comes by your acknowledgement and acceptance of this truth: that you are a work in progress that stretches back many years (and many lives). That where you are today is a product of what you (and many others) have helped to make. It is you who has have forged your strengths that you rely upon. And it is you as well who has drawn to yourself these challenges which you must face now. Humbly yet wisely, you will come to understand that these very difficulties are gift to you from you; that you made these energy-forms by your past thoughts and deeds, and now they have returned to you, their author. Because these very challenges will provide you with the experiences you need to improve yourself, you are the very instrument and means to your lifting yourself higher upon the masterly path of humility and sacrifice. This, of course, is the great law of Karma.

You will find inspiration in the “great ones” who came this way before on the Pathway of Light and Love, whose examples and teachings became part of the great philosophies, religions and myths that are equally to be found in your heart. They are the “known masters”: Confucius, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zoroaster, Pythagoras, Jesus, Muhammad, Baháʼu’lláh and many others. But most who take up the life of service do so without recognition; they have loved, sacrificed and forged the Path of Light for countless centuries. They too are honored by the Brotherhood of Light and Love.

Most certainly, your principal guide will be your higher self. Yet upon the path that leads from darkness to the light you will meet many teachers and students who will bring you gifts of compassion, grace, and love. Some you will know, some will pass unnoticed, but all of them will serve you as you serve them too. Truly, in every encounter you have, with Father and Mother, Brother and Sister, Friend, Lover and Stranger too, each and every moment with all your fellow humans, and other life-forms too, in all of these experiences with one another, you will be as diamond cutters of the soul for each other, revealing in joyous moments and painful ones too, the Light that resides within each and every heart.

Yes, we all have jobs to do. We all need to provide for ourselves and loved ones with regards to our needs for food and shelter, comfort, and security. But, for each of us these occupations are not the point or purpose of life at all.

The central purpose of your life, of any life, concerns your heart and your soul; life is all about your Spiritual Life.

All that you do is a means to this end, to be a better human.

Equally, you are here to help every other human to be a better human too.

As you walk the path of Humility and Wisdom, the Way of Sacrifice and Service, may you walk the path of Love and Beauty that is a mighty River of Light, may you always walk the Way of Beauty:

As I walk, as I walk The Universe is walking with me In beauty, it walks before me In beauty, it walks behind me In beauty, it walks below me In beauty, it walks above me Beauty is on every side Surrounded by Beauty Living in Beauty Loving in Beauty May you walk in Beauty May you live in Beauty For all your days May you be at Peace Surrounded by Beauty



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Bill Attride

Bill Attride


Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.