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What Are You Made Of?

Today we move into the sec­ond realm in the Cir­cle of the Liv­ing Ones, the sign of Tau­rus. Always some­where in your chart, and espe­cial­ly at this time every year, you will find great wis­dom, inspi­ra­tion, align­ment, and peace from this sacred ves­sel of value.

For the past 30 days, the light behind cre­ation has illu­mined your expe­ri­ence of your self-aware­ness, of what I call your “pres­ence”, which is how you learn to strive to meet each moment upon your path with aware­ness and prop­er inten­tion, where you move-yet-remain-for­ev­er in the space of the One, in “the eter­nal now”. It is by Aries that you meet the first gift of Spir­it, here in the open­ing of the Fire Signs you explore and find your sense of your­self, as you must answer the first ques­tion of life which is, “who are you?”

But per­haps a more pro­found mys­tery is before you here, because in Tau­rus you encounter the sec­ond ques­tion in your jour­ney of becom­ing. It is in this sacred space that you “sim­ply” need to under­stand “what are you?”, that is, what are you made from, what is the val­ue of you?

You and I may feel and think that we are a sin­gle, dis­tinct, sep­a­rate being. We cer­tain­ly have this intu­itive expe­ri­ence of being a “one”, which ulti­mate­ly comes from the gen­tle whis­per­ings of our high­er self, from our pre­cious mon­ad or atman, our inner­most spark of the divine. But we are real­ly made from a com­pos­ite of many ener­gy-forms, of many lives and bod­ies, rang­ing from the seem­ing­ly dense mat­ter forms of our cells and organs onto ever more insub­stan­tial forms, ris­ing through our phys­i­cal body with all its mol­e­cules and organs, into our astral body, to our emo­tion­al body, into the low­er and high­er men­tal bod­ies, and final­ly held as one by our high­er spir­i­tu­al self.

Whether you take the path of faith or the path of sci­ence, by meta­phys­i­cal alche­my or by phys­i­cal chem­istry, the uni­verse is formed by com­plex inter­sec­tions of ener­gy-forms. We and all of Cre­ation are tru­ly a field of ener­gy-forms that are inti­mate­ly inter­con­nect­ed with one anoth­er, as we are immersed, sur­round­ed, and inter­pen­e­trat­ed by all the ener­gy fields and forms with whom we jour­ney. The Uni­verse is in fact a Field of fields, a Holo­gram of holograms.

Accord­ing to the Ancient Wis­dom, (and more and more by mod­ern sci­en­tists too, though they use a very dif­fer­ent par­a­digm), the Uni­verse is formed at its most fun­da­men­tal lev­el by pure Spir­it, which in its essence is just the most ethe­re­al­ized form of Mat­ter, just as Mat­ter is the dens­est man­i­fes­ta­tion of Spirit…in effect, they are tru­ly one and the same, for all these ener­gies, fields, and beings are real­ly the Mind, Body and Spir­it of the One. I like to say, we are spir­it danc­ing through the mate­r­i­al worlds, wing­ing our way through the cos­mos, becom­ing ever more con­scious co-cre­ators of Creation.

You are a unique dew­drop of the one Divine Light; you are Spir­it-Life-Con­scious­ness whose most sub­lime ener­gy-form is held by your pre­cious mon­ad, itself formed as a tri­ad of Atman, Bud­dhi, Man­as. From these three-in-one, you unfold and form the denser bod­ies or vehi­cles required for exis­tence here on Earth.

So, exact­ly what are you made of then, what is it that cre­ates the val­ue of you? It is quite evi­dent that moment to moment, day after day, from the begin­ning of your life until the end or your days, you will expe­ri­ence the value(s) of your­self as wax­ing and wan­ing, as warp­ing and weav­ing into new qual­i­ties and quan­ti­ties of val­ue and mean­ing. With so much vari­a­tion in any one day, or year or dur­ing your entire life, what is it that forges and forms the essen­tial or root val­ue of you?

The Root of all val­ue, the pri­mal Ener­gy-Form that shines through all the innu­mer­able hier­ar­chies of Spir­it-Life-Con­scious­ness in the Uni­verse is this: it is the Uncon­di­tion­al Love of the One. This foun­tain-source of Light and Love is in all of us as it is in every sin­gle par­ti­cle of Cre­ation. The ever­last­ing Truth behind Cre­ation and in each one of us is that we are all “price­less”, for we are made of the Uncon­di­tion­al Love of the One, and we are here because of this Love, and we are here to live by this Love.

Yet you and I are imper­fect, so that for the most part we do not expe­ri­ence our­selves as price­less at all. We are not ful­ly formed or per­fect­ed humans because our self-real­iza­tions, whether bod­i­ly, emo­tion­al­ly, men­tal­ly, and even spir­i­tu­al­ly, are not yet what they can be and will be someday.

You and I are on a jour­ney through many forms and lives, and we are here for one rea­son only, to learn to become a bet­ter human, to be more attuned and aligned with our high­er self. But to do this we must learn to choose what is more per­fect from less per­fect, to be more lov­ing, and less fear­ful, and this takes many days, years, and lives; we make our­selves into what we will be by many joy­ful and painful expe­ri­ences until we become a ful­ly awak­ened One, a being of pure Light and Love.

So, what you expe­ri­ence as val­ue ris­ing and falling, that is real. Some days you feel on top of the world, and on some you may feel as if the world is on top of you! But you should know this, that as much as the arc of your life and the val­ue of you will wax and wane in any life, it will also, because of what you are tru­ly made of, you will rise and reach towards the inevitable, as the phys­i­cal strength of your youth will yield to the gifts of spir­i­tu­al wis­dom and grace as you age.

Indeed, it is this very arc of your life, of pow­ers wax­ing then wan­ing, it is this which will bring the fun­da­men­tal truth home to you, that you will only find ever­last­ing peace in the val­ue that will nev­er diminish.

Yes, the heart of you, your spark of the Divine and the Love it holds will remain as you were in the begin­ning and will always be, for it is the source of all mea­sures, beyond all mea­sures. You are human now, but that is mere­ly the form of your self-real­iza­tion at this point in your nev­er-end­ing jour­ney as a one of the One. But you need to under­stand that you are a spark of the Divine who is on a nev­er-end­ing jour­ney of the “Self-That Is Becom­ing”. You are a mon­ad, an unfold­ing Spir­i­tu­al Fire of Life-Spirit-Consciousness.

Yes, it is in Tau­rus that you appre­ci­ate the Divine made real, the infi­nite poten­tial of Spir­it made to shine in the sun­rise and the sun­set, in the flow­ers and trees, in the oceans and moun­tains, in the moon and the stars…and for­ev­er in you.

Behind it all, shin­ing through one and through all,

Is pure, uncon­di­tion­al love.

That is how you came to be, that is why you are.

This is what you are.


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