Sun Enters Scorpio (October 23, 2022)

Bill Attride
4 min readOct 25, 2022

Immortals in Mortal Frames

The Universe is formed by a hierarchy of Energy-Forms, ranging from the most infinitesimal of particles, through the atoms, molecules, organisms, planets, stars, and galaxies. From the lowest to the highest, each of these “fields of the lord” are formed and shaped from below and from above by one another. Every speck of Creation is formed by monads upon monads that are the hosts of Spirit-Life-Consciousness, which is their totality are the ONE, whose center is everywhere (in each and every monad), and whose circumference is nowhere in the myriad spaces of space, and the many dimensions of spirit-matter.

The Zodiac is the Design-Body of Creation, an electro-magnetic field of Energy-Matter, which holds the Twelve-dimensional Hierarchies of form and space. The Zodiac is omnipresent as the form-builder for all of Creation for every monad, whether it is an atom, molecule, being or star. That is why we need to open our minds and release ourselves from a fixation on Substance and Matter; we need to experience the world before us at it is, fields of energy-forms, each particle or being having their own Zodiacal field, which is aligned with the next higher being or realm, and so on. As the saying goes, reality or the universe can be seen as wheels within wheels, a vortex or spiral of energy-forms, each aligned to one another and finally to the One.

Because of this, each Sign of the Zodiac is intimately related to, formed through, and supported by the others. Each holds a range of experiences and truths about our Universe and about me and you. In truth, it is quite impossible to really understand any one of them without holding them together because of their integral existence as the noumenal avatars behind the phenomena of life.

Today we enter that most special “field of the lord” that we call Scorpio, and at this time, and wherever Scorpio is found in your chart, you enter what is the crucible or forge for Creation. Here in Scorpio you reach the ever-renewing heart of Spirit-Life-Consciousness. Scorpio holds what is the fountain-source behind the whole of Creation, which is that everything and everyone is formed, and grows and becomes ever more what they are to be by the agency of combination, through the wonder of Alchemy.

In this month of Scorpio, and wherever Scorpio is found in your chart, you face the opportunity and challenge posed by the “Crucible of Union.” From the smallest of particles and beings, everything and everyone in the Universe is formed by combinations. In the beginning, the One became the many, and from the atoms which combined with other atoms, to the molecules joining with other molecules, and organisms with organisms, and so on, this is how Creation was made and continues to be remade. In physical terms the whole of Creation can be seen as just Chemistry; but when we reach the realms of self-aware creators, we know this same power of becoming as Alchemy. This is the heart of Scorpio.

In Libra, you prepare the spaces or frames for relationship; but it is in Scorpio that you enter into the heart of relationship, as you forge your sacred unions with one another. The reason we say “sacred” unions is that all combinations require some form of sacrifice, and that in order join, in order to grow, you must be willing to give up something, to sacrifice something in order to make possible the union with another. The experience of sacrifice, of letting go of the lesser is how you grow into your greater self. The pain of sacrifice is real, but the joy of rebirth and growth is greater. This is the way of Spirit, to be and become through Union and Transformation.

It is in Scorpio that you experience the greatest of heights and the lowest of depths, the boundless joy of piercing beyond the illusion that you are alone, as your heart leaps at the wonder of being made more whole with one another. But you will also face here the awful pain of when that union ends, when you must take your leave or when they must part from you. Truly, in Scorpio you face the truth behind all truths, and it leaves you without words, you are in deeper waters here, and you have to work with your feelings to find your way.

For this is Truth, this is what it means to be an Immortal in a mortal world. You cannot experience Love without the agony of loss. You cannot have Joy without pain, for they are inseparable. If you did not feel these things as such, you would not, could not be human.

But always remember, you have nothing to fear. You are an Immortal dancing through mortal realms. It is here that you will face the ultimate Truth; that all things must pass away. But it is equally true that you will feel and know this Eternal Truth, you are part of the One who is Everlasting. It is here in Scorpio that you experience a knowing beyond reason.

Here in Scorpio, you hear the Song of the One, and as you wing your way through the stars you sing as does the Creator, “There is no ending, there is nothing to fear, for I am an Immortal, dancing through mortal worlds”.



Bill Attride

Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.