Sun Enters Scorpio (October 23, 2021)

Johfra Bosschart — Zodiac-Paintings — Scorpio

What makes you, you? For that matter, what makes anything and everything in the cosmos? Yes, from that precious moment long ago when humans became self-aware, we have wondered, “Where do we come from, why are we here, and where are we going”?

But behind these profound questions, there is the first question, how did anything or anyone come to be?

When we look to the latest scientific discoveries about the origins of the cosmos, and when we also look at all the stories of Creation, all the stories, myths, and tales we have shared with one another, we find that they all converge upon an understanding that the Universe, from a scientific view, is formed by a hierarchy of fields of Energy and Matter, a host of fields of vibratory resonances; and when viewed from the varied Spiritual Traditions, it is a hierarchy formed by Spirit or Mind and Matter, equally forming fields of vibrations which I like to call the “Song of Spirit”, which is the Celestial Symphony of Spirit.

Really, what modern science and the ancient teachings say about this Universe is essentially the same, for they all agree that we can understand the constitution of the Cosmos as being formed by a Field of fields of Energy-Forms that shape and transform one another. So, what I like to say is that we humans and all of Creation, are fields of Energy-Forms who can be seen as forming complex interrelationships and combinations, and these fields are protean, so that they evolve into ever more complex forms by these vibrational relationships within ourselves and between one another.

What we humans, and what every part of Creation form is quite simply the Song of Songs that are the One. The entirety of Creation is a symphony of vibrations, and these Songs of Spirit by all beings from the greatest to the smallest form the whole Chorus of creation.

Today we enter that most special field of space we call Scorpio, and at this time, and wherever Scorpio is found in your chart, you enter what forms the beating heart of Spirit-Life-Consciousness. For what is the propelling energy-form behind the whole of Creation is held here, and that is the power of Combination, which is the wonder of Alchemy.

In the less complex Kingdoms of Creation, from infinitesimal particles to atoms, from molecules to the simpler forms of life, these fields of Energy-Forms combine to create more and more complex combinations, and these combinations are primarily formed and guided by what we know as the physical laws of “combinational transformation” or what we call Chemistry. But once we reach the truly conscious realm of life-forms, and especially once we reach the stage of self-aware combinational transformations like our human kingdom, these processes come to be shaped by more complex realms of Spirit, by our Thought and Feeling Forms, and these transformations take us from mere Chemistry into the heart of Alchemy.

For us humans, whether it is the field of energy-forms between Parent and Child, or Siblings and Friends, or Classmates and Colleagues, or dear Companions and Loved Ones, we humans become truly human by this Sacred Space that is Alchemy, because it is here in the holy of holies that we are both Transformers and the Transformed.

We prepare the way for this quickening, of what I call our “Self that is Becoming”, by “in-forming” the space for our Unions through Mindfully Just and Equitable thought-forms, which comes by the Grace and Wisdom held in Libra. But the real work of Creation is what is before you now, for now you are in the Crucible of Union that is Scorpio’s Domain. It is here, in the Heart of Spirit that you will meet and fulfill the truth of your nature, which is that we are Spirit dancing through realms of matter, we are “Immortals in Mortal Frames”.

In this most Sacred Realm, in this Heart of Creation, you will find that your path can only be met and mastered by Love and through Sacrifice. In your Heart is Unconditional Love, and by this you can create, hold, and then release your Unions when it is time to do so. For this you also know, that on this side of the Veil, in this Mortal realm, nothing will last beyond the time appointed to it. All “things” must pass, as your spirit, like all of Spirit, must move on to more perfect forms forever and ever. So, whomever you have met here now in any sacred union, you may be assured, that you will meet again and again; and so, we merely say to one another, “fare thee well”.

Likewise, no Union, no joining with one another, or you with many others, no combination can be made without making sacrifices for and to one another. This word “Sacrifice”, it means “to make sacred”, and it is by your sacrifices to and for one another that you “give up the lesser and so honor the greater”, to affirm and build upon that which is within you, and what you now share with one another. It is by this giving up to one another, it is by letting go and growing, it is by this loving sacrifice that you move closer and transform one another, and so become much more than you ever could have possibly been by yourself alone.

This is how you grow; this is how the entire Cosmos grows.

You are moving ever closer to being a Co-Creator of Creation; now, you are the Transformer and the Transformed. Here in the time of Scorpio, and wherever Scorpio is found in your chart, it is here that you experience the Mystery and the Wonder of being an Immortal in a mortal world.

It is here that you face the ultimate Truth; all things must pass away…
It is here you live the Eternal Truth; the One is Ever Lasting.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me…and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

In Scorpio experience the Joy of Union, and the pain of separation.
Here in Scorpio, you hear the Song of the One.

“There is no ending, there is nothing to fear…, for
I am an Immortal, dancing through mortal worlds”.



Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.

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Bill Attride

Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.