Sun Enters Scorpio (October 22, 2020)

The Gift of Scorpio

You are not what you seem. Oh no, you are much more than this physical body of flesh, blood, and bone. That is your vehicle; but it is not you. You are more than that, you know. And now you also understand that you are not you without one another too; this is the gift of relationship met in the realm of Libra.

You are a spark of the Divine; you are an Immortal in a beautiful but mortal body. Your body is your home and your means to exist as a physical being on this earthly plane. But everything and everyone on Earth is here for a truly short time; we move from life to life and through form after form as we make our way through the stars.

Behind all the innumerable forms you live as a mortal, behind them all is what resides in your heart of Spirit, the Noumena of Creation; behind the phenomena of Spirit-Life-Consciousness there is just the One, whose Center is Everywhere and whose Circumference is Nowhere. The whole of Creation is a field of energy-forms that are all held in the One Field of the One. You, yes you, are a microcosm of the cosmos, and your own field of energy-forms moves through a hierarchy of other energy-forms. The Universe is known Metaphysically and Scientifically as a Fullness or Pleroma, an unimaginably vast Field of Energy-Forms. And we humans? We are all sparks of the Divine, Luminous Bubbles of Energy-Forms too; we are but little Light-Forms who in our combination with many other life-forms are the Radiance of the One.

The Universe is a Hierarchy of wholes. Each lesser whole, like we humans, seems to be separate from the others. Be we are, of course, shaped, live and thrive through all the greater and more encompassing wholes (for example of family, friends, communities). These innumerable wholes in every kingdom or realm form the Cosmos, like wheels within wheels, which we can ultimately comprehend and encompass into the holiest of wholes, the One.

It is your greatest illusion to believe and act as if you are separate and apart from anything and anyone. You are inextricably and wondrously part of one another; your field of selfhood has been, and will always be, made from all the contacts, connections, mixings and transformations that you have had since your birth as an “independent” being.

From Mother/Father, Sister/Brother, Friend/Lover, from casual to intimate, long-lived or short, and merely chance encounters too, you have been made by your connecting/blending/transforming into you; your energy-field has been made from and by so many others. They have become part of you, and you will always be part of them.

Your sensibilities, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, truths, and wisdom too…all of it you owe to others, as they also owe theirs to you. We are one another’s means to be who we are. From our first breath we became the means to one another’s becoming human; we are for one another the agents of awakening and becoming more fully human in this our family of the human.

But know this too, much of what made you was by countless semi to unconscious acts, connections, and blending’s with many others; it just happened. That is perfectly fine, but it is not enough. Not if you are to become a truly Conscious Co-Creator of Creation.

Here in Scorpio you take the most important step. You Choose; you move into Consciously Created Spaces of Union. Having first established the space that is relationship as a mutually conscious act in Libra, it is here in the Realm of Scorpio, in the Sacred Space of Alchemy, that the “I and thou” are formed by making a self-consciously aware choice of joining in Union with one another. It is in Scorpio that the Mystery and Magic of Combination is found.

In this time of Scorpio, and wherever Scorpio is found in your chart, you must choose to enter the “Crucible of Union”, the Sacred Space of Spirit. For everything and everyone in the Universe is formed by combinations. This is the source of Spiritual Growth. Since the One became the many, atoms have combined with other atoms to form larger ones, and molecules with molecules, and organisms with organisms. From the largest wholes of Galaxies, Stars and Planets down to the most infinitesimal of beings, all of Creation is forged and transformed by the “Self-Made Motions of Becoming” made in the Crucible of Spirit, the Alchemy that is Space.

Whenever you enter any joint endeavor, whether in personal and business partnerships, in friendship or casual combinations, and most especially in your most sacred of Holy Unions, you must be prepared. It is here in the Sign of Alchemy that you must willingly and consciously choose to combine with one another. You enter here a sacred realm, and for this reason you must be prepared to make your sacrifice.

Yes, in Scorpio you must choose what you are willing to give up so that you might gain something finer; you must come to discern what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable within you. In a truly spiritual union, you must each give up the lesser within you, and by this affirm and secure the greater within and between you. And as you each give up something for one another, and indeed move closer to a Union with one another, you also discover the greater mystery behind Scorpio, the mystery and joy of re-birth.

For as much as you will by your mutual self-sacrifice and mutual self-affirmations move closer to one another, you also realize that by this Alchemical Work you have been brought closer to your own true self too. You have done the sacred work, of giving up the lesser to affirm, honor and live out the greater in your lives.

Scorpio is the Forge of Spirit; it is the realm of Chemistry in the physical world, and Alchemy in the Spiritual. It is said that the strongest sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio, and it must be so for a very good reason, (but remember, we all have Scorpio somewhere in our charts).

You must be strong, you must be brave, for in Scorpio you will reach the greatest heights, and plumb the deepest depths. Yes, you will experience the joy of truly reaching out to one another and becoming more one with each other. That Joy will lift you higher than ever before, and you will feel that there is something more to life than what it appears to be. That there is something, there must be something, that is forever and ever.

But you will also face the awful truth that whatever you felt, and even if for a moment you feel that some part of you is Immortal, you will also know that you live on a mortal plane, and that nothing here will last. Yes, you will realize the bitter fruit of your self-awareness. That if we are to Love, we will experience Loss; if we are to have Joy, we will also have Pain; these are inseparable for us because we are human, and we know and we feel these truths.

Scorpio bring us the greatest gift, and the deepest of challenges.

It is the Joy of Union and the agony of Separation.

But in the end, we will know and understand. We have nothing to fear.

We are here to become fully human; to dance through forms we made, in life after life.

We are Immortals in mortal frames, and we are here to shine.

This is the Gift of Scorpio.



Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.

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Bill Attride

Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.