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The Stair­way to Heaven

It is in Scor­pio that you face the heart of Truth, the burn­ing bright seed which is the Foun­tain Source of all the Truths. In the Alchem­i­cal Space that dri­ves the becom­ing of Spir­it, in the beat­ing Heart of Spir­it where the many ones com­bine to form ever greater ones, it is here at the cen­ter of Cre­ation that you expe­ri­ence the Joy and the Pain, your Ecsta­sy and your Agony, of being an Immor­tal mov­ing through mor­tal realms, which is the Jour­ney of Spir­it we know as Birth, Death and Re-Birth.

But while in that realm of sac­ri­fice and self-tran­scen­dence, you found your­self in a space beyond com­pre­hen­sion, beyond your present-day words and under­stand­ing. So, you had to wait, you had to let go of your cer­tain­ty and expe­ri­ence what is beyond your­self; you had to accept with humil­i­ty, grace and rev­er­ence what lies beyond. And with this gift of spir­it, you moved along the path of awak­en­ing into what is always before you, you went across the thresh­old to a Greater Understanding.

At this time of year, and for­ev­er some­where in your very own chart too, we cel­e­brate the realm that holds our Tem­ples of Truth, today we begin the month of Sagit­tar­ius. Whether by Reli­gion, Sci­ence, Phi­los­o­phy or Art, in realms of ordi­nary but nec­es­sary prac­ti­cal knowl­edge or in the most sub­lime heights of Divine Truth, all that you may under­stand is pos­si­ble because you are made of these very same Truths too. What is you, well that also sur­rounds, holds, and embraces you too; for what is above is also below, and from the most infin­i­tes­i­mal to the great­est, all of Cre­ation is the Spir­it-Life-Con­scious­ness of the One. You can see the Light Divine because it is you and all around you too. That is why the youngest and old­est of us can see it too, that every­thing and every­one is “shin­ing”.

You stand upon the shoul­ders of great souls who came this way before. And by their efforts and through their love they left for you the pre­cious trea­sures of wis­dom and truth to help you walk the path of Awak­en­ing. The great­est of these that are known to us we hon­or as our wise ones, Con­fu­cius, Bud­dha, Lao Tzu, Zoroast­er, and Pythago­ras, and so many more whose names remain unknown but who lift­ed the veil for one and for all.

For this is how we made our­selves “human”; we told our sto­ries to one anoth­er and lift­ed a lit­tle more the veil of Isis to reveal the won­der of Cre­ation. Whether by pic­tographs on cave walls, in songs and by dance, or in poet­ry and prose, formed into sculp­tures, paint­ings, and held by sci­ence and phi­los­o­phy, by what­ev­er medi­um and by what­ev­er means we tell one anoth­er our sto­ries; we add to the sto­ry that is Cre­ation which is our sto­ry too.

That is why it is so impor­tant for us to share our expe­ri­ences, to com­pare our find­ings, sto­ries, truths, and beliefs. We seek to under­stand the world with­in and around us, and we can only do this if we approach one anoth­er with open­ness and love. We can only dis­cern what is truer from the less true by shar­ing with one anoth­er, by com­par­ing, con­trast­ing, cor­rect­ing, and affirm­ing what is clos­er to the light of the Divine.

So, at this time of Thanks­giv­ing, let us gath­er togeth­er and share with one anoth­er our expe­ri­ences and our dis­cov­er­ies, let us restore our hope and lift one anoth­er out of fear. Let us be a light for one anoth­er as we push beyond the shad­ows to reveal the light that is shin­ing through one and all. Let us tell one anoth­er our sto­ries, and may we laugh and cry and move into our greater understanding.

Let us walk the stair­way to the stars.

Let us shine with our love for one another.

And may Light and Love and Truth be our gift to one anoth­er now and for­ev­er more.

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