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The Jew­el in the Lotus, the Light in the Dark­ness, to Dream and Become

We have reached the last month in the Astro­log­i­cal cal­en­dar, today we enter the sign of Pisces. At this time every year, yet tru­ly present every day in some place with­in your own chart too, you need to hold your­self to the truth behind all truths. That you are a one of the One, and that the divine spark with­in you, that is you, and that this forms the essen­tial nature and truth of every par­ti­cle of Cre­ation too. The Truth behind all of this is that we are One in spirit.

At the end of every hour, of every day, of every year, and every life, you will look back so that you might look ahead. You seek to under­stand the what and why, the where and how of the mys­tery of life, of all that is, of all of this, the why behind it all, why are any of us here.

The Ancient Teach­ings hold the Sto­ries of Cre­ation, and cen­tral to all of them is the “Cir­cle of the Liv­ing Ones”, the Zodi­ac, which forms the frame­work or web of Cre­ation. These are the twelve Ener­gy-Forms that shape and form, that inspire and guide every mon­ad, atom, mol­e­cule, par­ti­cle, being, star and galaxy that fill the fir­ma­ment, and it is this which forms the lumi­nous body of the One. The Zodi­ac is the Design Body or frame­work for Cre­ation, and it is from these sacred twelve that we can under­stand the what and the why of our journey.

Do you know what you are? You are a spark of the one Divine Light. Do you know why you are? Because the One became the many, and each and every spark of the Divine began a jour­ney, which is to fol­low the essen­tial pur­pose of Spir­it, which is “to be and become”. You, and all of Cre­ation, you are here to unfold your pure essen­tial self, your Swab­hā­va or Quin­tes­sence, because you are an essen­tial part of the mys­tery and majesty and the promise of Creation.

Yes, each sign of the Zodi­ac holds a piece of the puz­zle, form­ing and inspir­ing each par­ti­cle of Cre­ation, accord­ing to its par­tic­u­lar lev­el of self-real­iza­tion, and here at the end of the sto­ries of the Zodi­ac, of all the sto­ries and chap­ters of your hours, days, and years, you need to hold each strand and sto­ry of your life togeth­er as they must always be, as one.

This is the gift that comes from all of the water signs, which is move beyond the bounds of mind so as to feel and intu­it, to lis­ten for the gen­tle whis­per­ing of the immor­tal with­in, and so catch a glimpse beyond any lim­it of ordi­nary thought or mind, to dream and dis­cov­er some greater under­stand­ing of the mean­ing and pur­pose of your life.

Yes, each sign holds a most spe­cial truth, about what makes you, you. The final spe­cial gift, the awe­some pow­er and respon­si­bil­i­ty that we have from Pisces is this, that what you are and how you are and why you are is because you are the “cre­ator of you”. That it is all that you think, and all that feel, and all that you do, that this is what makes the future you.

What is the most spe­cial gift from Pisces? It is that in your heart of hearts you are the “dream­er-cre­ator”, that you are inspired by the spir­it with­in you to imag­ine and dream of what you and your world might be…and then you make it so. But then why, why is the world the way it is? Because you, and every­one else is still learn­ing. You are imper­fect, and when you cre­ate what your dream might be, you also mix in, some­times more, some­times less, you also mix in what you also fear might be. And so, what you cre­ate is a future that is just as you are, not quite as you imag­ined it would be.

That is why the gift of Pisces is to see the whole sto­ry, to real­ize that we have made this world as it is. We, like all of Cre­ation, are held with­in the Law of Kar­ma, and what we sow we shall reap. That is also why the gift of Pisces is to real­ize that our final test is before us now, and that the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

And how do you do that, how do you learn to live with­out fear?

This is the great­est gift from Pisces. How do you over­come fear? You become free from fear by your faith. Not by a leap of faith, or faith in some divine inter­ven­tion from above or beyond our­selves. The gift of Pisces is your “liv­ing faith”, that you are indeed the cre­ator of your future, and that you have noth­ing to fear because what­ev­er you will face, you were the one that made it…and you can face it and you can change it.

All you need to do is believe, to have faith, and remem­ber what makes you what you are. You are the liv­ing embod­i­ment of the source and the pow­er of faith.

Your faith is the Love of the One, and that is why you are here.

We are the ones of the One, we are made by divine love.

We are here to love one anoth­er and this entire Creation.

We will not live in fear, and we will make that bet­ter future by dream­ing-cre­at­ing and lov­ing today, tomor­row and for all our days to come.

And may we all live in the Light of Truth, Love and Understanding.

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