Sun Enters Pisces (February 18, 2022)

Pisces — Johfra Bosschart

The Circle of the Living Ones

What is the essential Truth that holds all the others as one? It is quite simple really, as are all sacred matters. The whole point of your journey through all these realms, worlds, bodies, and lives is to come to live your life as what you essentially are. And what is that?

You, and all that we know as Creation, are simply formed, guided, and made by Divine Unconditional Love. And that is why the most profound truth found at the heart of all teachings is this:

The love you receive will forever equal the love that you give.

Yes, if we could sum up all that a person did, or is, or will forever be, we could not find a better way to hold the truth of how to understand the meaning of life than to see it as this, that what is truly shining through and behind one and all is this beautiful experience we call love.

We have reached the last of the signs of the Zodiac, the sign of Pisces. And at this time of year, and somewhere in your own Astrological chart, you will find this to be the most precious gift of the Circle of the Living Ones. Pisces holds the treasures and fruits of this life, as well as the innumerable series of lives you have lived, as it is the vehicle, the Avatar of your fulfillment.

Pisces is the “end that is the beginning”, the vessel of all your harvests and fruits of your countless lives, forged by all the journeys you have made by these Twelve Signs. And in this encompassing Circle of Life that is the Zodiac, you are held with your loved ones, and with all creatures great and small, along with the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars, indeed with the entirety of Creation as what you were and will always be, one with the One.

It is from your precious harvests of meaningfulness, of your lessons learned by your mistakes corrected, your growth in wisdom matched by your humility that deepened, it is from this compound creation that you continually forge the seeds of your next beginning and all your future lives too. Yes, Pisces is the Omega which will become your Alpha of a new day, a new year, and a new life in Aries and beyond.

Here in Pisces, in this realm of compassion and love for all of life, as you stand upon the eternal shore of dreams and wonders, with visions fired by imagination, compassion and love, Pisces is the ever-renewing fountain-source of your faith and hope. Pisces holds the truth, that you are the maker of you, in that the dreams you dream, become the thoughts you think, which forge the actions you took and made the reality you now face.

By this self-understanding you see the true path of self-mastery, by your awakening you see the Ribbon of Light and Love that is the path of the creator in you when you hold to your faith with love and understanding.

But even so, here at the end you once again wonder and ponder, “what is this all about, why am I here and what questions should I ask at this last great portal of the Divine?”.

As it was at the beginning, it is also at this so-called ending too; we remain what we are, looking to understand who and what we are, and why we are, the ever elusive why. And so, from the Circle of the Living Ones, from the Heart of the Loving Ones, we hear the celestial notes of the Divine that have come down to us from the very first days of Creation answer:

What is the purpose of life?

The Ancient Teachings, The Wise Ones tell us, that we are part of great host of beings that began our journey in Space-Time long, long ago. We came as seeds from a previous cosmic cycle, and it was our turn in the never-ending, ever-ascending Hierarchy that form the Kingdoms of Spirit and of Life, it was our turn to enter this most special realm that we call “human”.

What is so special about this realm of being that we name human?

It is the divine gift of self-awareness, of your being able to experience self-consciousness. By this gift you are slowly but surely forming yourself into a being that is endowed with the potential to fulfill your luminous Inner Nature, which is for you to become an ever more conscious co-creator of Creation.

But if I already have the Divine within me, why must I struggle, why must I suffer?

Because you are on a path of becoming, and your Spark of the Divine, your monad, is just the highest part of all your hierarchy of energy-forms or bodies that partake in this journey with you. This Divine Light, this Love that is the Divine, shines in every particle and mote of Creation, but in you it has been formed into a vehicle with a mind and a heart, with an intelligence and love so that you can understand and care for one another and for this Creation too. But this Jewel of Light, your Causal Body, is only one of your many energy-forms or bodies that you are, as there are many planes and dimensions, each requiring a different form of being.

You exist in many bodies or dimensions (not one), which can be arranged from the densest to the more ethereal, your Physical Energy-Form, your Emotional Energy-Form, your Mental Energy-Form, and your Higher Monad or Spiritual Energy-Form. Every one of these “bodies” journeys with you; and you through them and they through you; and, it is by this dance of spirit that you help one another walk the luminous path of perfection, in this life and in life after life.

You are bound to one another by the Law of Karma, and each of you reaps what you sow. Though you might wish to avoid error and suffering, you now realize that it was by your error and correction that you forged the way to make the light that is Love. You can accept and smile and forgive yourself and one another, because you have done the one true work, that you had to learn to choose what is more loving, more caring, and more truthful. This is the way it is done, because by living by love you become self-masterful, and so ever more guided by wisdom, humility, and compassion.

The Law of Creation is perfect, and you are here to help one another. You by and with your bodies, through trial and error, lift yourself up into a more perfect form of human; and you with your fellow humans help one another to become more wise and loving too; and so that even more truly you come to understand that is you, with all the beings that form the hosts of Creation, that you are here quite wonderfully and simply to be the very Light of Creation that shines within each and every kingdom of life too.

This is the Promise and Gift of Pisces. That in the end we will come to know that each of us, and truly every single part of Creation, is quite profoundly yet truly the Life and Light and Love of the Divine.

Yes, you are one of the ones of the One.

You are a vessel filled with the Power of Faith, and that Faith is the Love of the One.

You are on the path, the only path,

You are here to shine as the Love Divine.

Just love one another, as you are,




Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.

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Bill Attride

Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.