Sun Enters Leo (July 22, 2022)

Bill Attride
3 min readJul 22, 2022
Leo by Johfra Bosschart

The Wheel of Life and Meaning has turned, and with it the time to celebrate Cancer gives way to the Heart of the Teachings held by the sign that is Leo. You take from Cancer this most precious truth; that at the center of everything and everyone of us is quite profoundly what lies at the center of Creation, and that is the Light of the One.

What you felt in Cancer, what you know to be true in your heart, is that the spark of the Divine within you is pure and Unconditional Love. This Love is what the Universe was made from, and that is what you are made by. And it is this Feeling-Truth that will inspire you now to bring this Love into your self-realizations formed in Leo, as you stride upon the many stages of your life, as you seek to be who you are by your actions and performances, as you become your own creator, the maker of yourself and your world too.

And, this is most important, as much as you will stretch in Leo to be true to who and what you are, to being witnessed as embodying the living Spirit in all that you do, you must equally know and understand that whoever is before you, that they are illumined by this same Divine Light as you.

This is the heart of the message of Leo; that you are here to shine like a star, to be the very embodiment of the Light and Love of the Divine. The Ancient Wisdom holds that long, long ago, we humans came as sparks of the Divine from a star, and that one fine day, eons from now, our spark of the Divine will become the heart of a very real star too. This is the Journey of Life-Spirit-Consciousness, we are made to shine, and we are here to shine for one another too.

In Cancer, by Water, you find your way to feel the whole of yourself, to be rooted in what, where and who you came from. In Leo, by Fire, you move out through your feelings into the realm of Emotions. The Fire that comes through all of us now, and always somewhere in your very own chart too, is the same as the Creative Spirit of the One, and it moves through you so that you may become yourself in ever more meaningful acts of Leadership, Creativity and Love.

But you must remember that you are here because of and for one another; that you are never alone, nor could you ever be you without the lives you have shared with so many others. In Leo you strive to bring out the best from yourself, and it is by your example that you inspire others to find within themselves the courage and joy to be their better selves too. This is Leo, this is true leadership; and this is what we do for one another. We see one another for who and what we really are, and we know the truth that is held in our heart which is Love.

We need one another. We need to be recognized, respected, and loved for who we are, as we in turn see, respect, and love our fellow humans for who they are. We trust one another because we hold to the same fundamental truth, that we are made by the Love of the One and we are here to Love and shine for one another.

This is the teaching; this is the way of the One.

Be Fearless, be Respectful, be Loving.

This is the way of the Lion.

The way of Leo.



Bill Attride

Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.