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Who, What, and now Why…

Today we move into the third realm of the Holy Twelve, and it is here that you meet the majesty and mys­tery that is the Gate of Awak­en­ing, the emer­gence of Intel­li­gence and the path to Self-Real­iza­tion. As the Ancient Wis­dom holds, all of Cre­ation is essen­tial­ly Spir­it, and so the “all” that is the Uni­verse, rang­ing from atoms to organ­isms, to plan­ets and stars and beyond, all of “that” is alive and con­scious as the one real­i­ty of the One.

But it is equal­ly true that there will come a time for each spark of the Divine, for each and every mon­ad of Spir­it in their nev­er-end­ing jour­ney of becom­ing, there is a quin­tes­sen­tial moment where that divine mon­ad moves from being mere­ly con­scious and becomes aware of being a self, to becom­ing self-aware.

This great moment in our spir­i­tu­al jour­ney is what we cel­e­brate at this time every year, as it is also for­ev­er some­where in your own chart too, for now we enter the por­tal and realm known as Gem­i­ni. This gift of self-aware­ness is re-told in many sto­ries through­out the ages of the world, whether it is of Prometheus bring­ing “fire” to humankind, or the “eat­ing of the fruit” from the tree of knowl­edge, or in ancient sto­ries from around the world, of when we were vis­it­ed by beings who impart­ed this gift of self-aware­ness to us.

Why, why are these sto­ries found every­where, and why are they so important?

Because it is by this move­ment into self-aware­ness and intel­li­gence that you were able to begin to become a more con­scious co-cre­ator of your­self. You became aware of time, of remem­ber­ing what came before, and how that shaped what you face now. And, and you became capa­ble of mak­ing a choice, of choos­ing the many pos­si­ble ways of view­ing an expe­ri­ence, of com­par­ing and fold­ing in what you knew from before to bet­ter under­stand what is before you now. And by learn­ing from your mis­takes, you were able to build bet­ter ways of being, so that you could meet the eter­nal now with ever more mean­ing, dis­cre­tion, deter­mi­na­tion, and faith in your capac­i­ty to grow and to change.

We became freer, and no longer bound to mere bio­log­i­cal process­es of evo­lu­tion­ary devel­op­ment; we took our most fate­ful step filled with the promise of our divin­i­ty becom­ing real­ized, but this step came with a cost as well. Because we lost our inno­cence, we lost our organ­ic con­nec­tion to one anoth­er and to the entire­ty of cre­ation. We were torn away from our essen­tial expe­ri­ence of one­ness with life, and we sub­sti­tut­ed our search for mean­ing and con­nec­tion out­ward­ly (and inward­ly) through our intel­lect and intel­li­gence, so that we could build our subjective/objective expe­ri­ences, of mem­o­ry, mean­ing, facts, and truths. Yes, to move for­ward as self-cre­ators we had to rebuild our rela­tion­ship with “the All”, and by each and every expe­ri­ence we made from that moment for­ward we tried to find our way back to the under­ly­ing real­i­ty of the One in all.

That is why this same gift of self-con­scious­ness is also seen and expe­ri­enced to this day as a loss or “fall” too. We lost our inno­cence, our immer­sion in nature and all beings with whom we jour­ney. Because of this loss, our inher­ent endow­ment of nat­ur­al wis­dom became more ten­u­ous, and though we grew and devel­oped our world by and through these tem­ples of knowl­edge, we often lacked a com­men­su­rate bal­ance of wis­dom and humil­i­ty. We flew clos­er to the sun, but we often fell into dark­ness by our seem­ing sep­a­ra­tion from the rest of cre­ation too.

But of course, these errors of com­mis­sion and our sins of omis­sion, these are made by our self-cast shad­ows, by fears forged by mere intel­lec­tu­al­ism, where thought is divorced from empa­thy, com­pas­sion, and love. So, yes, in our more iso­lat­ed thought-forms, held by the illu­sion of so-called pure rea­son, we felt apart and often lost our way.

But we were nev­er alone, nor will we ever be. When we lis­ten for the wind of the spir­it, to the whis­pers of our high­er self, we can remem­ber to feel and to use our intu­ition to slip beyond the lim­its of sim­ple rea­son; and we can use our rea­son to dis­tin­guish between our illu­mi­na­tions and illu­sions too. We can use this gift of self-aware­ness to quick­en our spir­i­tu­al awak­en­ing, while we find in our hearts, in our soul, and by the love of our high­er self the truth that we were not lost at all, nor could we ever be.

We are blessed to think and to feel, to be rea­son­able and com­pas­sion­ate, to be cer­tain yet for­ev­er-ques­tion­ing of our cer­tain­ty. We are made to grow into our full­ness of being of what we are, “ones of the One”, by using this gift of Gem­i­ni to be curi­ous, adapt­able, by delight­ing in our inge­nu­ity, by our capac­i­ty to hold more than one point of view or idea, to move con­stant­ly through the realms of thought by “the­sis, antithe­sis, and syn­the­sis”, striv­ing, search­ing for the answer to the ques­tion “why”.

Long, long ago we were giv­en a gift so that we might ques­tion, well, every­thing. To wan­der and won­der and to ques­tion, “the what and the why and the how” of it all.

Today, and for­ev­er in your essen­tial nature, let us cel­e­brate this gift of Gem­i­ni, the gift of self-aware know­ing, and of our becom­ing a more con­scious­ly car­ing, co-cre­ator of Creation.

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