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Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

The Hier­ar­chy of Light and Love

There are Four Cor­ners in your year­ly jour­ney around the Sun, Four Turn­ings of the Earth as she majes­ti­cal­ly sweeps around and tilts towards and away from our Star, a great dance of Light and Dark which forms for us the sea­sons of birth, life, death, and rebirth year after year upon Earth.

Today we reach the final turn of the Astro­log­i­cal Year, today we move through the Cir­cle of the Liv­ing Ones from Sagit­tar­ius and into Capri­corn. At this time every year, and for­ev­er some­where in your very own chart, you may enjoy this gift of the Spir­it as you con­sid­er the mean­ing of your jour­ney through the stars.

You will always have the space of Sagit­tar­ius, where you stretched your under­stand­ing for your­self and one anoth­er, as you told your sto­ry and lis­tened to the sto­ries of oth­ers, as you trav­elled in body or mind, find­ing new sen­si­bil­i­ties through the expe­ri­ences of oth­ers, delv­ing into the libraries of nature and sci­ence, of cul­tures and the arts, of great authors, com­posers, philoso­phers and wis­dom keep­ers, the wealth of expe­ri­ence hand­ed down from ages past and by your con­tem­po­raries too. All of this is the true wealth of human­i­ty, a part of the Divine Light to help you bet­ter under­stand your­self and your world, to know the who, what, when and why of Creation.

And what you real­ized then, was that the truth that is “out there” is what forms and holds you too. The only rea­son you can feel the truth, and see the truth, and know the truth, the only rea­son you can come to under­stand who and what you are is because the Truth is the “Pri­ma Mate­ria” behind the whole of Cre­ation, and so it is part of every fiber of your being as well.

But now as you enter the realm that is Capri­corn, you under­stand that this is not enough. No, it is not enough to find the truth, or know the truth, or even to share the truth. No, the whole pur­pose of Cre­ation, the whole Truth that shines from with­in as your Spark of the Divine is for you is to live a life whose whole pur­pose is to BE this very truth; you are here to shine like the star in wait­ing that you are.

Yes, as much as Sagit­tar­ius is the keep­er of Wis­dom, in Capri­corn you become the ves­sel of Truth, as you form your truth into your pur­pose and con­duct, as you assume your respon­si­bil­i­ties, as you “per-form”, forg­ing your path­way of per­fec­tion in duti­ful actions and con­se­quen­tial cre­ations that are your lega­cy. In Capri­corn, you move ever clos­er to the grace and humil­i­ty that is the true sign of a “wise one”. You are here to be you, to live for Self-Ful­fill­ment, to real­ize your true pur­pose, and forge your des­tiny by being the truth that makes you, you.

The path­way to mas­tery is not easy, and there will have been many expe­ri­ences that brought you pain and shame in what you did, or what you failed to do. But the greater part of your wis­dom and self-mas­tery has been earned by this, as you have come to real­ize that all those strug­gles, all those stum­bles, falls and fail­ures, that all these tri­als and tribu­la­tions of this life (and of your many lives) have brought you to this high­er place, to this self-made moun­tain of your man­i­fest des­tiny. For it was by falling and get­ting up, by learn­ing what not to do, and to how to do and be bet­ter, it is by your refusal to give up and your ded­i­ca­tion and deep­en­ing of humil­i­ty that you have earned your place in the com­pa­ny of those who came before you.

Mas­tery is earned by you, by the immutable law of Cause and Effect, which ensures that you “reap what you sow”, and that by learn­ing to do and be bet­ter, by your efforts to lift your­self beyond shad­ows and fears, you are made the cre­ator of your future full of sub­lime spir­i­tu­al bril­liance. And you also know and feel this truth, that you have equal­ly grown in stature by the deep­en­ing of your com­pas­sion and car­ing too. Because you have learned from your own strug­gles, you can tru­ly feel the suf­fer­ing and pain of oth­ers, and your heart will shine ever brighter with self­less love to help them too.

Because you also know this, that you could not, nor could you ever have done this “Great Work” by your­self. You are part of a host of souls, some here with you today and many, many more stretch­ing back­wards into the mists of your dis­tant past. Like a great rib­bon of light, all the souls who helped make you who you are, they are with you now, they are part of your char­ac­ter, part of your wis­dom and live on in your com­pas­sion too.

This is why we give thanks to those who came before us, to those with whom we jour­ney now, and to those who will con­tin­ue this work after our time is done. You are part of a Hier­ar­chy of Love and Life, and so we reach up to those above to ask for their help­ing hand, as we extend our hand to those who fol­low behind us too. Because this is the way, the way of human­i­ty, the way of Love. This is the pledge and pur­pose of Capri­corn, that our path of Self-Ful­fill­ment is made pos­si­ble by the spark of the Divine with­in us, and that the great work of Cre­ation is made by us all through love.

At this moment of turn­ing as the Earth bows to the Sun, as we move through one of the Four Sacred por­tals of Ini­ti­a­tion in the Cir­cle of the Liv­ing Ones, we bow our heads and go down on bend­ed knee, and pledge once more to be what we came to be. We are part of the Light that is the One which shines in the dark­est places, and we will fol­low the path of Light that is the Hier­ar­chy of Love and Com­pas­sion to our des­tiny in the stars.

That is why, at this sacred moment when the Light returns, we give thanks and ask for guid­ance one once more:


From the point of light with­in the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into our minds

Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love with­in the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into our hearts

May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the cen­ter where the Will of God is known

Let pur­pose guide our wills

The PURPOSE which the mas­ters know and serve.

From the cen­ter which we call Humanity

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door

where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Pow­er restore the Plan on Earth.

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