Sun Enters Cancer (June 20, 2021)

The Return to Source

Today we enter the fourth Sign of the Zodiac, and we come to the Root Question of Life, “Where do we come from”.

Of course, you know, and you will say, “I come from my Mother and Father, and they came from my grandmothers and grandfathers”, and you repeat. But at some point, you will pause, for you have reached that place where your biological past becomes more myth and legend, of stories passed down but without proof or documentation. So, how will you truly know, how do you find the root source of you?

It is in Aries that you meet the beginnings of life. Aries holds the experience of the re-emergence of spirit into a new sense of beingness, as you consider “who am I?”. And in Taurus, this beginning of being becomes substantial, fruitful, and you are made aware that you are “some-thing”, as you consider “what am I?”. Then by Gemini, you move inwardly and outwardly, making, finding, and connecting who and what you are to a range of relationships within yourself and to the world around you too, as you consider “how am I?”.

But this extension within and without must be held together as one. It is Spirit that is the One, and that forms and informs the entirety of life that is Creation; it is by the One that all beings are “Bent Back” to form a unique whole. It is by this, “that Center which is Everywhere, and whose Circumference is Nowhere”, it is by this Center and Root that each and every being “is what it is” and will always be as a one.

Whether it is an Atom, Molecule, Cell, Organ, or Organism, or as large a being as a planet or Solar System or Galaxy, it is as above and so below, there is replication and harmony from the smallest to the greatest in the Cosmos. And it is by the One that all are formed into a singular Energy-Form, and this one is held by Spirit-Life-Consciousness as a being that is separate, unique, and distinct from the surrounding ocean of Energy-Forms. The fervent diffusion by extension into dimensions within and around that entity must be bent and curved back to form a one by this rooting, centering, and concentration. Most wonderfully and lovingly, this seeming limitation is truly the very agency that brings about the unique nature of each and every being.

Astrologically, it is the Sign of Cancer that holds the Energy-Form of this faculty of spiritual concentration, and it is by this that we humans can bind and hold to our root nature. It is this “Spiritual Gravity” by which we stay true to the path that comes from our source. In Cancer we move into the Fourth Element of Water, which is the element of our Wholeness and Feelings.

Although we have discovered much about ourselves and our world by our Intelligence and Mind, there will always be experiences and realms beyond our current understanding. We sense them, we feel them, and intuit things within ourselves and the worlds around us, and so we feel by this “whole-making”, this “knowing beyond the mind”, that there is more to all of this than what we can discern by our reason and thought.

By Cancer we go into the roots of our being, to find our way to being connected to what came before, to what is within us but equally surrounds us too. By establishing a certain necessary circumference to ourselves, we form what we know or feel as our intimate, personal sense of self. We feel our being as “I am I, and you are you”.

Then, by going even deeper, down into our ancient roots, secured and centered on a foundation of love and remembrance, we can draw upon the well of memories, and those of our ancestors, to feel an arc of kinship to those who are like us, and like circles of radiating kinship, we feel more and more who are also part of our greater family of humankind.

But as we go even deeper, into our Spiritual Roots, behind and beyond all the forms we have been, we feel that we are related to more than all of humanity. We smile, because we truly embrace the truth that we are part of a family that embraces all the many lifeforms on this beautiful planet too. We feel this larger family of life and know the truth that is held as a sacred promise we made to one another long ago, “We are all related”.

When we come to this true root of our nature, we find that the love that is there is for one and for all…Because that very love is of the One and is the All in every one of us.

By Cancer, in the Light of the Circle of the Living Ones, we come home again to the source of who we are, what we are, and how we know. We come back to the source of all that is, that lovingly binds one to One, and all to one another.

We are part of one another, made for one another, and it is by the One who is the Center for each and every one of us that we feel the Unconditional Love which is the Source and Root of our true Nature and for all the lives that form this beautiful Creation too.



Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.

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Bill Attride

Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.