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Where did you come from, why are you here, and where, where are you going?

Today we enter the first house of the Holy Ones, the sign we call Aries, and at this time of the year, and for­ev­er some­where in your very own chart as well, you need to con­sid­er what your jour­ney is all about, to expe­ri­ence what lies at the heart of all of this and of every one of us, and to under­stand exact­ly how you need to face and meet your “jour­ney of becoming”.

For the last 30 days you have wan­dered and won­dered in the realm of Pisces. The pur­pose of all of the water signs is for you to con­nect, to feel the realm of Spir­it that sup­ports and holds you, as you go to your roots and the self at the cen­ter by Can­cer, as you join with one anoth­er through unions in Scor­pio, so that you may final­ly reach above and beyond to all of Cre­ation with Pisces. The gift of Pisces dis­solves the illu­sion of sep­a­ra­tion as you move by love, com­pas­sion, and grace to the source of self, and you feel once again that you and all of the entire­ty of Cre­ation are one in the One.

Yes, it was in Pisces that you were able to hold in your heart and mind the whole jour­ney of your life to this point, to feel the loves and the loss­es, to see the tri­umphs and the set­backs, to hold them all as they are, the very expe­ri­ences that shaped you into the spir­i­tu­al ves­sel that you are today. You under­stand that your errors and mis­takes, and their even­tu­al cor­rec­tion and over­com­ing, that they were the very forge of spir­it that made you bet­ter today, so that you are wis­er and more hum­ble, both stronger and gen­tler, and so you are ready to once again turn and face what lies before you now, the only place you can ever be in Space-Time, the Eter­nal Now.

Today you enter the realm of Aries, the sign of emer­gence, wield­er of the pow­er of new begin­nings, and you wel­come the first gift of spir­it, the for­ma­tion of Pres­ence. As much as in Pisces you expe­ri­enced the encom­pass­ing truth that all of Cre­ation is formed by the one ener­gy-form of Divine Uncon­di­tion­al Love, so that in truth every speck and mote of Cre­ation shines with this sub­lime light, and that every­thing and every­one are all eter­nal­ly insep­a­ra­ble from one anoth­er, now it is here in Aries that you must equal­ly under­stand and embrace the truth that you are also a unique spark of the Divine, that you are sep­a­rate and dis­tinct, formed by your very own Swab­hā­va or Quin­tes­sence, and that there is no oth­er like you in the entire­ty of the Cos­mos too.

What Aries holds is this this fun­da­men­tal truth about your expe­ri­ence of being and time, that you have feel­ings and mem­o­ries of your “past”, and you hold hopes and dreams about your “future”, but in truth there is only one place that you will eter­nal­ly be. Through­out your jour­ney from unself-con­scious spark of the divine to a com­plet­ed human, now shin­ing as a deva or angel, it is this omnipresent space of cre­ation that you live and love in, the ever-unfold­ing forge of Spir­it known as “the eter­nal now”.

As you jour­ney through every life, “you move yet stay” in this space-time of the ever­last­ing moment of cre­ation, the only place you can be, in the eter­nal now. The past is behind you, and it can­not be changed or undone; the future is await­ing and will in some way be made by what you do or do not do in the now.

But what you encounter in this forge of Cre­ation is not an emp­ty or vir­gin space, no it is full of what you and count­less ones have made just a moment ago, and thou­sands and thou­sands of years ago too. The pur­pose of Aries is to remind you of this ever-fold­ing moment you are in, and that you must be aware of the impor­tance and pow­er of how you meet this moment, for it will make the next moment, and the next after that and for­ev­er after.

The gift of Aries is the forg­ing of your “pres­ence”, it is your bear­ing, your demeanor, your per­sona, or per­sonas, that you meet with in the moment that awaits. You must be aware of what you are here for, what are your truths that forge your moti­va­tions, that cre­ate your inten­tions and lead to your actions. And yet you must be equal­ly recep­tive, sen­si­tive, and pre­scient as to what is in this moment already, and sense what it may need or require of you.

I like to say that we expe­ri­ence life as if mov­ing through a series of rooms one after the oth­er, and just as you enter you must quick­ly sense what “kind” of space you are enter­ing. Is it qui­et or loud, is it peace­ful or unset­tled? As you enter you must sense what is before you and what it might need of you. If it lacks ener­gy and direc­tion then bring your live­ly, bold­er self to bear, and if it is dis­turbed or chaot­ic, then bring your gen­tle and calm­ing self instead. Moment to moment, day after day, you will make a dif­fer­ence in what you offer to the eter­nal now, when guid­ed by this pow­er of pres­ence that you forge day by day.

And when you real­ly mas­ter your­self, when you have formed all your var­i­ous per­sonas and masks to meet each moment, and as you lead with your very best, then you become a “one”, a leader of light and love, build­ing that bet­ter future for your­self and for one anoth­er too.

The gift of Aries is to live as you are, a redeemer of the past and a path-mak­er to the future.

With light in your eyes, and love in your heart,

You know who you are, and why you are here.

You are here to make right what is not,

And turn what was lost into a bright shin­ing future.

A new year has begun,

May you shine like the ris­ing Sun that you are!

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