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The Eternal Now

Once again, we find our­selves at the begin­ning; our jour­ney through the Cir­cle of the Liv­ing Ones has brought us back to the first realm of Cre­ation and to the first ques­tion of your life, which is “who are you”?

For the next 30 days, and for­ev­er some­where in your chart, you need to align your body, heart, and mind as one, because you need to feel the wind of the spir­it that springs from the eter­nal fires burn­ing in the realm known as Aries. For the past month of Pisces, we have wan­dered and won­dered, we have looked back and con­sid­ered the whole arc of our lives, and we have found the truth by hold­ing togeth­er our tri­umphs and defeats, so that we might see that that what makes us what we are is found­ed in our faith and for­give­ness, and by our capac­i­ty to imag­ine and dream. Because we are cre­ators, and the ful­fill­ment of that gift is found­ed in our ever­last­ing love of one anoth­er. The great­est illu­sion we have ever faced is our sep­a­ra­tion from one anoth­er, and equal­ly the illu­sion that we are sep­a­rate from the infini­tude formed by the encom­pass­ing hosts of spir­its with whom we journey.

In Pisces, we felt the truth that we are all relat­ed, that there is but One Spir­it form­ing the Uni­verse, and our hearts are held by the fun­da­men­tal root of all of Cre­ation, Divine Uncon­di­tion­al Love. This Love forms each and every­thing in Cre­ation, and so we under­stand that the sto­ry of our Spir­i­tu­al Jour­ney will bring forth our true nature as it will ever bend towards liv­ing with love, com­pas­sion, and empa­thy for all of life. We will know in the end that “I am that, that I am”.

But here in Aries, as we emerge out of the one­ness that is Pisces and begin again, we are remind­ed and brought to the essen­tial truth that we are also “sep­a­rate” from one anoth­er too. We are, and until the end of days here to be, a unique instance of the One Spir­it. So, we must find our way to be our own essen­tial self too, which means that for us to be the true and liv­ing spir­it we must strive to be an authen­tic, dis­tinc­tive, radi­ant man­i­fes­ta­tion a “one of a kind” too. The great­est truths are found in these seem­ing con­tra­dic­tions about the nature of cre­ation, and this truth about the One and the Many is at the root of them all. All of Cre­ation is the One, yet all of Cre­ation is formed by the infi­nite hosts of the many, many ones too.

Aries is the sacred space for the begin­ning of all things. At this time every year, and at the begin­ning of any activ­i­ty or endeav­or, you must under­stand the essen­tial truth held by Aries. In Time and Space, in the Hier­ar­chies of the Liv­ing which form Man­i­fest­ed Cre­ation let this be your guid­ing prin­ci­ple, which is you only exist here and now. What you were before, what came before, you can­not change; and what you will make and become tomor­row or a thou­sand tomor­rows from now you can­not know. There is only one place and time that you can redeem your past and forge a bet­ter future too, and it is here, it is at the heart of Cre­ation; and the heart of Cre­ation is only found in the space­time of our real­i­ty called the Eter­nal Now.

But it is equal­ly true that you are not enter­ing a space of empti­ness; you do not move upon a vir­gin can­vas or tab­u­la rasa. For the entire­ty of the hosts of the spir­it, and each and every one of us too, have forged the real­i­ty of the space that you are now enter­ing into. But you must be ready, this is the moment, where you will bring your past expe­ri­ences and com­bine them with your hopes for the future. You find your­self at the cross­ing point between the dark­ness and the light, here in the moment of Cre­ation, the only space you are free to be the cre­ative liv­ing spir­it, it is here that you face the oppor­tu­ni­ty and test of Aries, the test of your Presence.

As you enter the next space of real­i­ty, as you enter any space, it changes. The ques­tion will always be, was this the change you intend­ed to make? Did you come into a dull space and bring it to life; did you come into a dis­turbed space and bring it peace? Do you under­stand that by how you meet the moment, which is root­ed in your moti­va­tions, that form and flow into your inten­tions, which then shape your actions, it is by this that you may be able to heal the world and lift your­self and one anoth­er on the path of awak­en­ing. If you “fail”, if you come in with less of or a lack of aware­ness, if you over­whelm the sit­u­a­tion or under­whelm it, then you will have missed this moment and you will have to try again.

What you face today has been forged by you and all with whom you jour­ney. But what will be your tomor­row is being made by you today. The mot­to of Aries is, “Beat­en paths are for the beat­en, we are here to make a bet­ter future”.

The gift of Aries is forged in the spir­it and pow­er of begin­nings, so that each and every moment of your life holds the promise of light and truth and love. But you must be present, and you must be aware of this, that it is you who is the mak­er of your future, and that you must choose to be the promise keep­er of the Love of the One of which you are.

May all your steps be as those who made the first.

May you walk in beau­ty, and may you live by love.

And may you shine for­ev­er like a bright morn­ing star.

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