Sun Enters Aries (March 20, 2022)

Aries, by Johfra Bosschart

The First Step

Today begins your yearly journey around our star. At this time of the year, and wherever you have Aries in your very own chart too, you should give thanks for and celebrate the wonder and the joy of the most precious gift that flows from the Circle of the Living Ones.

This most sublime truth is rooted in the essential promise of the One, created and preserved and made manifest by your very own Spark of the Divine. And what is that? It is this, that the truth of you, your quintessence, is revealed by your ever-renewing wellspring of Spirit, in that ineffable agency by which you are here, right now and forever as the living spirit who is simply here to “be and become what you are, the Divine made manifest upon this Earth”.

Aries is the gateway of Spirit, it is the coming of the Transcendent into Form, the word made manifest in the physical world. Yes, it is by this first Sign of Fire, of Spirit, it is by Aries that you move through the portal between yesterday and tomorrow, between what you were and what you are yet to be. Because, and this you must know, you can only be and become by moving out of the shadows and into the light, by moving through what we call space-time. You are truly you at the crossing point between the Darkness and the Light, between what you were and what you will be. You are here to know this, that you are what you are, and you only exist, by moving forever in The Eternal Now.

For the last 30 days, you loved and lost, you laughed and cried, as you walked in that most sacred realm of the Twelve Holy Ones, in the time and place of Pisces. Yes, Pisces brings the gift of closure, as you sift through the harvest of the past year and understand the immutable law which holds one and all together in the “Great Work”, the fundamental keeper of the flame which holds you to it, which is that “you will reap what you sow”. It is there that you truly understood the unbreakable bond between the growth of your wisdom being rooted in the deepening of your humility. And you were held by the grace of forgiveness, humbled by the understanding that it was your very stumbles and over-comings that form the diamond body of your character and faith today. In the Waters of Pisces, you found the way to hold it all, the good and the so-called bad, to hold it all because of the compassion and love of the One who loves us all.

And now a New Year begins, and the Fire of Aries is upon you. Aries seizes you with the gift of Inspiration, with Ideas that just come upon you, and that bend your heart and soul to the joyful exhilaration, the brand-new day filled by the light and by the power of new beginnings.

Yes, in Aries you leap into action, to be and become whatever you will be. But the lesson you must learn, the first lesson on the path of life is here too. At each portal, in each sign, you are asked a question, and the one before you now, well it is probably the most profound. Quite simply put, the question the universe asks you now is this, “Who are you?”

To answer this seems simple enough, but do not take this lightly, for everything rests upon this. To truly know the right answer, you must understand the “real” question now, which is “Why are you?”

Why are you here, what is this really all about? Quite simply and truly, you are here to learn to be a better human. To discover through Inspiration and Perspiration, by Trial and by Error, through Success and Failure, you are here to learn by Cause and Effect how to be a whole person, and how to become a wise being who chooses to live by Love.

And it all begins here, with the first step, your next step. And then the one after that. Life is, well life is a journey, of moving in the Eternal Now, but from moment to moment and from one space into another. I like to imagine Life as like moving through a series of doors, with you leaving one space and entering another. And here you will encounter the everlasting gift and test that is Aries, the gift of developing your character, of your bearing, of forging your presence.

As you go through each door, you will find that there is always someone who is going through just ahead of you. And if you are fortunate, you will have that person who is ahead of you hold the door open for you and perhaps lend you a hand. But oftentimes you will find that the one who is ahead is troubled, or thoughtless, or angry, or whatever, and that they do not consider who is behind them and they slam the door in your face.

And now you have it, your quintessential test is upon you. What happened just then, well that was bad, that was “bad” energy that fell upon you. But now comes the question, “what will you do”, what will you do with this energy?

It would be so very easy, and really in some ways effortless, to just take that negative energy, and to pass it on to whomever is following you. The bad came at you, and you just got rid of it. That is so easy…but your life will not be easy if you do this, you will not grow and change, and you will not be better unless you are the change.

Instead, you must stop, for you need to realize that you do have a choice. You are supposed to choose here. If you realize that the negative energy-form you received is just an accident of fate, perhaps a negative “emotion” that has been passed down for many, many years. And you, well you can change it by choosing to take the path not taken, and to hold the door open for the one who follows you.

And if you do this, you will change the world, and you will have changed yourself too.

And if we all do this, if we choose to turn the negative into the good, to turn the darkness into light, to turn fear into faith and hate into love, well…

Well, that is the whole point after all.

Because you are a spark of the Divine.

And the reason you are here is because of love.

And you are here to be that love by loving one another.

Today, and in all your many days to come.

May you make the first step be the right step.

May you be the Love that was the First Step.

May you be a one like the One.

And you will shine like the Sun.

Oh yes, that is the way, the only way.

The Way of Light, and of Truth and Love.



Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.

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Bill Attride

Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.