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by Jake Baddeley

The Zodi­ac, what I like to call the “Cir­cle of the Liv­ing Ones”, is not some­thing “out there”, found in a net­work of stars that seem­ing­ly sur­round our Solar Sys­tem. We must free our minds from this mate­ri­al­ized and lim­it­ed con­cep­tion of real­i­ty and instead under­stand that the whole of Cre­ation exists as a hier­ar­chy of dimen­sions of Ener­gy-Forms, rang­ing from the sur­pass­ing­ly ethe­re­al to the most phys­i­cal. Through­out all these realms there is an order­ing and inter­con­nec­tion that is “formed and informed” by these Twelve arche­types, with the Signs in effect form­ing the design-body and bestow­ing the mean­ings found at the root of the small­est of ener­gy-forms, the mon­ads, which are the sparks of the Divine at the cen­ter of one and all.

Accord­ing to the ancient teach­ings, the One became the many, and what we call these spir­i­tu­al mon­ads at the heart of every ener­gy-form of the cos­mos began their remark­able jour­ney, which is the sto­ry of Cre­ation. It is these mon­ads at the root of all, who in their alchem­i­cal com­bi­na­tions bring about the birth, death, and rebirth that we expe­ri­ence as “life”. It is by these series of end­less trans­fig­u­ra­tions that the whole of Cre­ation is forged into the many king­doms of life that fill the spaces of space, which range from the atoms to mol­e­cules to all of the beings, plan­ets, and stars, and it is they, in their total­i­ty, which are the majesty and mys­tery of the One made manifest.

Today you move into the penul­ti­mate realm in the hous­es of the holy, into the last of the airy signs and the final fixed sign known as Aquar­ius. At this time of the year, and for­ev­er some­where in your very own chart too, you seek to know and under­stand what comes next, what comes after your accom­plish­ments and rewards that you reaped in Capri­corn. For it was there that you reached a greater degree of per­son­al self-mas­tery; you not only knew what was true, but you under­stood that this was not enough, because you are here to be this very truth too.

Hav­ing ful­filled your respon­si­bil­i­ties, to your fam­i­ly, through your work and with­in your com­mu­ni­ty, you might indeed won­der, “what comes next, what do I do now?” And from the Ancient Ones will come the answer, that it is not enough to pro­tect and pre­serve what was made by your ances­tors and most recent­ly by your­self, because the spir­it that is you is not made or held by what was. No, the eter­nal light of the One that burns with­in is ever intent to reach for the unmet promise, that unre­al­ized dream of what you and your world are yet to be.

Why are you here, real­ly? You are here for one rea­son, to become a bet­ter human. That being human means you are on the path of awak­en­ing that will lead to your self-ful­fill­ment as a ful­ly con­scious co-cre­ator of Cre­ation, what is known as a “free mon­ad”, and no longer utter­ly bound to the law of kar­ma. Yes, you are on a path that leads to true free­dom, and your pur­pose is to free your­self. But this is also true about the way you become free, that you will equal­ly do this for one anoth­er too for this is the way of the liv­ing spir­it, the com­mu­ni­ty of light and love.

Because it is in Aquar­ius that you under­stand this essen­tial truth of being human, that you would not be human, you would not be you at all, were it not for all with whom you have jour­neyed on this path of awak­en­ing. You are the way to one another’s cre­ation, and all that you are is because of the innu­mer­able souls with whom you have been in this life, and in all of your many lives too. Your feel­ings and thoughts, the source of you and your har­vest too, your dreams and deeds, all of this you did with one anoth­er, so that you made you through one anoth­er, and all of these many souls live on in parts of you as you are a part of them, for­ev­er. Tru­ly, you are not an “I” but a “we”, a host of thoughts, of loves and lives that are with you always, as you are part of them for­ev­er too.

This is the heart of the teach­ing held by Aquar­ius. That you are part of a great human fel­low­ship, a great fam­i­ly of souls, and it is by our fel­low­ships and friend­ships, it is by our dream­ing and doing and lov­ing one anoth­er, it is by each and every one of us seek­ing and striv­ing togeth­er to make a bet­ter life, it is by this way of love that we forge a bet­ter world for one and for all.

Yes, it is for this dream, our dream of the future, that is how and why we are here. We have made our many lives through our loves and by our com­mu­ni­ties, and we built for one anoth­er these dreams that made us more per­fect by our love for one anoth­er. Yes, it is because we are human, that every one of us is part of some­thing greater, and these ener­gy-forms of our count­less inter­re­la­tion­ships is where we wield the forge of Cre­ation, which is the alche­my of love, of being the source for one anoth­er of the dream come true for one another.

Aquar­ius looks at what is, and dreams of the bet­ter world that is yet to be. We are the seeds of the future; we are the mak­ers of our­selves and the world that was and will be.

You are here for what is to come; and you here, for one another.

And you must remem­ber, you are all for one and one for all; this is our Way.

As it was in the begin­ning, so shall it be in the end.

We are here for one thing only,

We are here because of love.

We are here to love and be loved.

We are here for the future and the dawn of a bet­ter day.

Let it be, may we all be.

The Way.

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