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Aquarius by Michael Trossman

Since your jour­ney began, since cross­ing that spir­i­tu­al thresh­old where the dark­ness meets the light, long, long ago, you and all humans have wan­dered and won­dered. We have been try­ing to under­stand, we have strug­gled to com­pre­hend, we have searched for the answer to the ques­tion that lies behind all of our ques­tions which is “Why”?

Why are we here? Which leads to why is that here; and to final­ly why, why is any­thing here?


As we wan­dered and won­dered, we looked up, and we began to see pat­terns form­ing in the star­ry fir­ma­ment; and we looked around our world, and we looked at one anoth­er, and we saw those pat­terns down here as well. And as we lis­tened to the qui­et whis­pers of our high­er self, as we fol­lowed our intu­ition, we felt some­thing famil­iar, and so we came to know that there is mean­ing­ful­ness with­in us, and that there is mean­ing, and beau­ty, and truth all around us too. And we smiled, and we laughed, and we shared in the won­der of our being part of this Cre­ation, of being togeth­er in this jour­ney of the Divine through the stars.

Today we cel­e­brate the entry of our Star into the sign of Aquar­ius, and at this time of the year, and for­ev­er shin­ing some­where in your chart too, we con­sid­er once again the why and the how of being human here on this Earth. Because at the root of answer­ing the “why” for us is to equal­ly appre­ci­ate the “how” of us. How did we become, how were we made, and then ask why are we, what is all this for?

The answer, of course, is in our hearts, as it is woven into the heart with­in every atom and star of the Cos­mos. For this is the most essen­tial nature and qual­i­ty of Spir­it, and it forms the Root of all Mean­ings and Pur­pos­es of the Uni­verse. The answer to the why of any­thing is this, that Spirit’s essen­tial nature is “to be and to become”. Cre­ation is the Jour­ney of Life-Con­scious­ness-Spir­it, which is dri­ven by the agency of Self-Becom­ing, which means that “Becom­ing” is what Cre­ation is. It is the “One in all” form­ing all the ones that are Cre­ation. And there in the beat­ing heart of Cre­ation, the dri­ving force is Divine Uncon­di­tion­al Love.

From our desire and inspi­ra­tion to find mean­ing in our exis­tence, to tru­ly under­stand this sto­ry of Spir­it, which is the Sto­ry of Cre­ation, we came to feel with­in our­selves, and to see in one anoth­er, and in the entire­ty of the Cos­mos all around us, that we are a host among many hosts or forms of Spir­it, a host of divine sparks or mon­ads. We are part of the Sto­ry of Cre­ation, which is this jour­ney of a hier­ar­chy of hosts, who are held togeth­er as mul­ti­plic­i­ties of indi­vid­u­als and com­mu­ni­ties by affil­i­a­tion and by love, and that each of these great hosts of life is shaped, guid­ed, and inspired indi­vid­u­al­ly and col­lec­tive­ly by their unique spark of the Divine. The whole of Cre­ation is the jour­ney of innu­mer­able ones who are on the sacred path of the essen­tial nature of Spir­it which is “Self-Becom­ing by Self-Fulfillment”.

The Truths of why we are here has been passed down through the ages by Wise Ones and Seek­ers, held in trust by the Peren­ni­al Teach­ings, and it holds that we are here for one pur­pose. We are here to strive and to grow through tri­al and error, to learn from our mis­takes and by our suc­cess­es too, so that over the span of many years, and through many, many lives, that we will become bet­ter humans, and that each one of us, and togeth­er as a host of Divine Sparks, we may shine ever brighter like Cre­ation itself, as beings full of Light and Love.

We are equal­ly made by our own efforts, and by one anoth­er and for one anoth­er too. That is because the Divine, our mon­ad, is formed by the inte­gral expe­ri­ence of Indi­vid­u­al­i­ty and Com­mu­ni­ty, so that these truths are inter­wo­ven through­out the fab­ric of the Uni­verse. For humans, we all wish to be “one of a kind”; but we also are made by our kinds, as we alchem­i­cal­ly forge our unique­ness from the diver­si­ty of mean­ing­ful­ness root­ed in the many groups, com­mu­ni­ties, and cul­tures that we weave into our­selves too.

And it is here in Aquar­ius that we find the ves­sel or Avatar of this essen­tial and para­dox­i­cal Truth, that we are One and we are also the Many. Every one of us is here to be a unique and excep­tion­al human, yet we have made our­selves by and through the many groups or “kinds” to which we belong. We are all in one anoth­er, made up by one anoth­er and for one anoth­er; and we know, because it is true, that we are all for one, and one for all because we are sparks of Divine Love.

And as much as we are shaped by our join­ing and blend­ing of these var­i­ous kinds into the spe­cial human that we are, we equal­ly con­tribute our own sen­si­bil­i­ties and expe­ri­ences back into these var­i­ous groups, com­mu­ni­ties, cul­tures, and part­ner­ships. It is this dynam­ic, alchemic and pro­tean cre­ation made by your weav­ing of the per­son­al and social, it is by this that “you become you” and equal­ly help one anoth­er to become a bet­ter human too. Tru­ly, we are the means to make one another’s dreams come true, as our dreams are made through and by one anoth­er, and our dreams hold us to one anoth­er by friend­ship, com­pan­ion­ship, and love.

This is the Truth of Aquar­ius; that we are only what we are because we are part of a sacred fel­low­ship, a band of broth­ers and sis­ters who are for­ev­er seek­ing to cre­ate a bet­ter future, to help one anoth­er to be the very means by which our dreams come true. We are here for one anoth­er; we are for one anoth­er the liv­ing proof of our dreams com­ing true because our hap­pi­ness is their hap­pi­ness, and their hap­pi­ness is ours. And because we love one anoth­er we also know this, that we must equal­ly look to pre­serve and pro­tect the dreams of our chil­dren and all those who may fol­low us too, for what we are made from is not bound by space or time.

We are not here for us or what was, because we know, because we under­stand, that with­in us is the spark of the Divine, the immor­tal seed of Divine Uncon­di­tion­al Love and that we have not seen our fin­er days. We have hope and believe in the dream of what has yet to be, of a day that is brighter, and a world that is healed, and so we set our sights on the far horizon.

Why are we here?

We are here to dream, to cre­ate, and to love one another.

We are here to love and be loved and to shine.

We are here,

To Dream, to Be and Become,

We are here to Love.

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