Mercury Turns Retrograde (October 31 — November 20, 2019)

Bill Attride
4 min readOct 31, 2019


The Path of Awakening

Yes, it is that time once again.

Many will complain about all the troubles, snafu’s, misunderstandings and mistakes that have been surging lately, and they may seek to find some cause or scapegoat to blame, like some distant member of our solar system. But really, and quite simply, this is a misunderstanding about what is going on. All of this is the story of spirit, and this is how the universe works.

Remember, you are here to learn one thing truly, to know yourself.

You are also here to discover that you can only master and exercise control over one thing too. Again, that is yourself.

This is the Law: Know Thyself; Rule Thyself.

By staying upon the path of spiritual unfoldment, that is by steadily increasing your self-knowledge, (which will elicit from you an ever greater sympathy and understanding for all the lives and the worlds that surround you), you will slowly but steadily rise into self-mastery. There is only one thing you can truly control, it is yourself. And those who live this truth are revealed and revered by their wisdom and humility. This is the royal road of truth, the path of self-fulfillment for all souls, whether they be human or planetary.

Yes, it is time for you to slow down, and to take this opportunity to step back and reconsider: What do you know; and, how do you know it?

Three times a year, the planet Mercury catches up to Earth, passing us like a racer on the inside track as both planets circle around the Sun. When Mercury does this it appears to be “looping backwards” against the backdrop of the heavens, and then, after three weeks it appears to move forward once more. As in all things, it takes discernment and a more encompassing point of view to see what is really going on.

That really is the point of Mercury retrograde for us too. We need these regular reminders of the essential necessity to do some internal “housekeeping”, to clear our minds of misperceptions and misunderstandings. We need this gift of Mercury so that we might pause and take this gift of time, to reflect upon and to question our assumptions of how we think, and what we think we know.

Yes, we need to reexamine our thought-forms and mental patterns, to question our modes of observation and analysis. We should strive to strengthen our powers of discernment and deliberation. We need to endeavor to re-work and restore our mental frameworks of understanding and our pathways of communication with one another.

All of this should be something we endeavor to do each and every day. You should begin the day with reflection and preparation, and end your day with review, repair and renewal. But most certainly, during any Mercury retrograde, we must all remember that “the weather out there” has changed, and that this wondrous realm of mind is going through a strong shift of energy-forms. You must strive to be even more mindful and careful in these next three weeks.

Since each and every one of us is affected by this shift of energies, that we are all more introspective and inwardly focused, we must be even more attentive to what we observe and receive from others. And, we must equally be more careful in how we reach out to connect with others by word and by deed. The chances of misunderstanding and missteps are higher now, but if we stay alert, we can use this time to make great progress with one another.

Mercury is retrograding in Scorpio for the entire period. It is certainly going to be a time that will reveal deep and compelling secrets; and, it will shift the path of life and love, turned by soulful truths for you and for your world.

Emotions will run higher, and the need to stay in control of yourself, to remain centered and calm despite the battles of shadows and light, will be more essential for one and for all.

Do your part…

Watch calmly, listen carefully, think deeply, and question thoroughly.

When you find yourself in that truly Scorpio space, where your words will fail you.

Be grateful, and wait patiently, for this means you have reached the moment where the veil will lift a little higher.

There is only one way to move ahead now, in humility and grace,

You must let go…and grow.



Bill Attride

Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of Astrology.