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Bill Attride
19 min readFeb 5, 2024


2024 Preview — A look ahead Part 2 — National Charts and World Leaders

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We took a look at the gen­er­al astro­log­i­cal con­di­tions for 2024 in our last show on Jan­u­ary 7th, so I thought we would turn our atten­tion to spe­cif­ic charts in today’s show. Though there are a num­ber of ways to approach Mun­dane or World­ly Astrol­o­gy for an under­stand­ing of world his­to­ry, one of the most com­mon is to treat orga­ni­za­tions, whether they be com­mu­ni­ty-based, polit­i­cal for­ma­tions, cor­po­rate enti­ties, nations, or inter­na­tion­al orga­ni­za­tions, to treat them just like we would any human indi­vid­ual with their chart.

We look at the begin­ning of an orga­ni­za­tion, its incor­po­ra­tion or announce­ment or a sig­nif­i­cant event, and cre­ate a “birth chart” for it. Then we ana­lyze its inher­ent nature and con­sid­er the time­line of its devel­op­ment through its natal pro­gres­sions and tran­sits, just like we would with an individual’s chart.

Let us will begin with the chart of the USA, and the two lead­ing can­di­dates for Pres­i­dent in the 2024 elec­tion, which are Joe Biden and Don­ald Trump. We did a show on Sep­tem­ber 17, 2023, where I looked at 2024 for the USA chart, and at both charts for the can­di­dates, (and if you wish to review that show the tran­script was pub­lished on my blog on Sep­tem­ber 20th). Some of what I am going to say will be a review of what I said then, but I am going to add to that first look as well.

The pri­ma­ry indi­ca­tor of where the USA is for 2024 is shaped by where it is with­in the pro­gressed Sun/Moon cycle of approx­i­mate­ly 29 years. 2024 will be the year in which the USA has its 9th New Moon, which indi­cates a time when a seed is plant­ed, and a new infu­sion of inspi­ra­tion and ener­gy will begin to inform its jour­ney. This New Moon will occur on March 24, 2024, at 19 degrees and 26 min­utes of Pisces, which astrologers will com­mon­ly round up to be 20 degrees of Pisces. In my prac­tice with indi­vid­u­als, I will often refer to the Sabi­an Sym­bols to inter­pret a New or Full Moon for a client, and the Sabi­an sym­bol for this New Moon degree is this, “A table set for an evening meal”.

Now that might seem a rather odd and not very rel­e­vant image, but with sym­bol­ic lan­guages we must remem­ber to stretch our hearts and minds to move beyond mere appear­ances and look deeply into the sig­nif­i­cance of a scene or image. An evening meal implies the end of the day, which indi­cates we are at the end of the cycle (even though this refers to a New Moon, to a seed being plant­ed, it is real­ly about the mean­ing or under­stand­ing of an end­ing too). So, for us in the USA, we will find our­selves at a moment when we are to expe­ri­ence the results, what comes to us at the end of a cycle, enjoy­ing or fac­ing what we have pro­vid­ed for our­selves by our own efforts. Spir­i­tu­al­ly, it would sig­ni­fy that after a “long day”, after a series of moments for the USA, which in our case may mean since the last New Moon in 1994, or tru­ly going back to the begin­ning of 1776, that we are now to expe­ri­ence a return to our soul or spir­i­tu­al roots, a return to our spir­i­tu­al source or home, a return to our foundations.

I would see this as a sign that we are being guid­ed to remem­ber and to return to the inte­gral agree­ment of our found­ing, to our Dec­la­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence, and per­haps equal­ly to our sec­ond found­ing after the Civ­il War and Lincoln’s mem­o­rable restate­ment of who and what we are. The way I like to frame this is that the USA was found­ed upon a com­pact and a pledge to be guid­ed by a fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ple, that we the peo­ple of the Unit­ed States would seek to ful­fill our liveli­hoods and dreams, that our indi­vid­ual hap­pi­ness would only be made pos­si­ble, by our mutu­al under­stand­ing that we are to be one another’s means for self-ful­fill­ment. That each one of us belongs to and finds our ful­fill­ment through many com­mu­ni­ties, and by hold­ing these togeth­er as the fields of mutu­al self-real­iza­tions, it is by our fel­low­ships that we forge our Union so that our liveli­hoods are made and sus­tained. That we hold as our cen­tral truth, that in the end what we hope and wish for, which is that we all should be able to pur­sue our hap­pi­ness, means that what unites the vast major­i­ty of us is far deep­er and much wider than what divides us, or by those who seek to divide us.

I would also argue, that giv­en this cen­tral theme that is Amer­i­ca, that those who seek to divide us from one anoth­er, those who pit “us against them”, will con­tin­u­ous­ly lose the sup­port of the vast major­i­ty of Amer­i­cans, and that this is what has hap­pened since 2018 with the so-called MAGA move­ment. MAGA (and a greater por­tion now of the Repub­li­can par­ty), keeps los­ing elec­tions up and down the bal­lot, as it did in 2018, and again in 2020, and in 2022 and in 2023. And the more they lose, the more their leader dou­bles-down on his prin­ci­pal vision, wit­nessed in his words and deeds that strive to divide Amer­i­cans from one anoth­er. Trump, whose claim to fame is that he is the great­est win­ner con­tin­ues to be the biggest los­er, and I do not see that chang­ing in 2024.

With regards to the major tran­sits in the USA chart, the most impor­tant one is the wax­ing square of Uranus to the USA Moon. The Moon in a nation­al chart is said to rule or indi­cate “the peo­ple”, and Uranus is the plan­et that brings a quick­en­ing of Indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, a stir­ring and stim­u­la­tion of what I like to call the Quin­tes­sence, which in our exam­ple con­cerns the nature of the peo­ple of the USA.

The USA has its Moon in Aquar­ius, which means that the peo­ple of the USA are to be inspired and shaped by a firm belief in the spe­cial­ness and unique­ness of each indi­vid­ual, group, and com­mu­ni­ty, and by exten­sion to the very notion of the USA as a whole. As our mot­to so suc­cinct­ly puts it, “Out of many, one”, which means we cel­e­brate our diver­si­ty as our strength, our col­lec­tion of cul­tures and peo­ples as being what it means to be “Amer­i­can”, and that tol­er­ance and under­stand­ing is what cre­ates a com­mu­ni­ty and a soci­ety where the indi­vid­ual flour­ish­es, where our human­i­ty and love for one anoth­er is the core prin­ci­ple for help­ing to make our dreams come true with and through one anoth­er. This is what de Toc­queville not­ed in his writ­ings about Amer­i­ca in the 19th cen­tu­ry, that the char­ac­ter and strength of Amer­i­ca was to be found in its vol­un­tary asso­ci­a­tions, of a peo­ple com­ing togeth­er to help one another.

Of course, we have not real­ized that fuller dream of Amer­i­ca, but it is the dream that we are here to become. It is by join­ing togeth­er, per­son to per­son, group to group, com­mu­ni­ty to com­mu­ni­ty, that we made what we are and holds our promise of what we aspire to be. We look to our seers, our artists, cre­ators, dream­ers, but most espe­cial­ly to all those who do build and sup­port com­mu­ni­ties to make this bet­ter world we imag­ine. And we look to our lead­ers to remind us of who we are, where we are and what we must do to make our dreams come true. So let us look at what the plan­ets say about Joe Biden and Don­ald Trump for 2024.

Joe Biden/Donald Trump
The plan­e­tary influ­ences for Joe Biden and Don­ald Trump this year are both sup­port­ive and chal­leng­ing. The pro­gres­sions and tran­sits in any chart will have a hier­ar­chal dimen­sion of effects that range down­wards, mov­ing from the spir­i­tu­al plane, to the men­tal, to the emo­tion­al and final­ly to the phys­i­cal body. With this in mind, we are all very aware that we are exam­in­ing two rather old­er men, and the gru­el­ing jour­ney of a pres­i­den­tial cam­paign, not to men­tion the demands of a four-year term in office, well that should make us real­ize that it is not at all cer­tain that either one of them will be able to weath­er such intense pres­sure this year or in the years to come. Nev­er­the­less, let us see what is in store for them both this year.

Joe Biden
For Joe Biden, the most favor­able influ­ence in 2024 is the trine aspect by Nep­tune to both his Sun and Venus. Nep­tune holds the influ­ence of the sec­ond qual­i­ty of Spir­it, that the entire Uni­verse is formed by and made from Divine Uncon­di­tion­al Love. The Sun in a chart of an indi­vid­ual rep­re­sents the Self, the pure poten­tial of that per­son; Venus rep­re­sents the per­son­al val­ues and the human expres­sion of love for that per­son. Build­ing through 2023 and cli­max­ing here in 2024 there is a pow­er­ful influ­ence that is shap­ing Joe Biden to be inspired by and guid­ed in a spir­i­tu­al attune­ment to a self­less and sac­ri­fi­cial pur­pose. Where he faces an oppo­nent filled with anger and resent­ment, who promis­es revenge and ret­ri­bu­tion, Joe Biden is focused upon a path of com­pas­sion and heal­ing and love.

And what is remark­able about this moment, is that Joe Biden was born with Nep­tune in his chart so that it forms both a sex­tile to his Venus and to his Sun, and that Neptune’s place­ment in his chart is in the 10th house of his pub­lic life and respon­si­bil­i­ties. This is, in some sense, the very time in his­to­ry that Joe Biden was made for.

The most chal­leng­ing influ­ence in 2024 for Biden is Plu­to squar­ing his Moon. There is no doubt that this is a dif­fi­cult ener­gy. Plu­to rules the pow­er of the will, and prin­ci­pal­ly for an indi­vid­ual forms their capac­i­ty for self-con­trol and deter­mi­na­tion, of how they both pre­serve their own sacred space while equal­ly respect­ing the sacred space of oth­ers. Biden will expe­ri­ence extra­or­di­nary pres­sure emo­tion­al­ly this year, from fam­i­ly, from friends and from the world around him, try­ing to bend and make him yield to their needs or wants or fears. Biden’s chal­lenge is to remain cen­tered in his truth, to his moral com­pass and to not lis­ten to or be swayed by guilt or manip­u­la­tion. For­tu­nate­ly, once again, it is Nep­tune which will help him here, because at the very same time that Plu­to is squar­ing his Moon, it will be mak­ing a trine to his Nep­tune. He will be inspired to be guid­ed in his actions by his upper­most plan­et to stay on the path of true sac­ri­fice, and to under­stand that at the root of all these neg­a­tive ener­gies around the world, and of those direct­ed at him, that they all orig­i­nate from fear. By remain­ing faith­ful to his truth and path, he will not over or under react (Plu­to squar­ing the Moon) but remain steadi­ly pur­pose­ful to lead by the exam­ple of love.

Don­ald Trump
For Don­ald Trump, the most “favor­able” influ­ence in 2024, (and it is by no means cer­tain that it will be favor­able), is being brought by Uranus mov­ing into his 10th house of the pub­lic life, of one’s career, of one’s pur­pose and stand­ing in soci­ety. Uranus is the plan­et of Indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, which is the inces­sant spir­i­tu­al ener­gy with­in each mon­ad of the divine, and that pro­pels us to be an ever truer and freer expres­sion and expe­ri­ence of who and what we are.

I call Uranus “the awak­en­er” as it brings about shocks and sur­pris­es that are meant to free the indi­vid­ual from their self-lim­i­ta­tions, which may close a path if it is no longer right and per­haps lead to anoth­er that is more sig­nif­i­cant or appro­pri­ate. Typ­i­cal­ly, Uranus brings about cir­cum­stances that break open and shake up things, all in order to free you. The key to know­ing whether it will lead to greater free­dom or not will depend upon what you bring to this moment, which is the char­ac­ter and qual­i­ty of what you have done in the world, and what your moti­va­tion is with regards to Uranus’ mes­sage of freedom.

When I first exam­ined Trump’s chart in depth in 2016, I not­ed that one of his prin­ci­pal fea­tures was that he was born with Uranus next to and lead­ing his Sun, and oppo­site to his Moon. This two-fold align­ment forges an indi­vid­ual who believes in their being excep­tion­al, being an icon­o­clast, a break­er of icons. But because this dis­rup­tive ener­gy influ­ences both his essen­tial nature and his emo­tion­al being, he will be a per­son who is unpre­dictable, unsta­ble, and more often than not chaot­ic. There is no cer­tain­ty with Uranus, except to expect the unex­pect­ed. Uranus is return­ing to where it began in Trump’s chart, and he will be reap­ing what he has made of his life and be faced with the con­se­quences of his own making.

The most chal­leng­ing influ­ence in 2024 for Trump is real­ly a dou­ble tran­sit to his ascen­dant being formed by Nep­tune and Plu­to, each of which is form­ing an incon­junct or 150-degree aspect, with Nep­tune from his 8th house and Plu­to from his 5th house. When two incon­juncts form togeth­er in this man­ner, it is called by astrologers a Yod for­ma­tion. The ascen­dant is your per­sona, the pres­ence you have as you walk through time, as you make your jour­ney through the Eter­nal Now. Here we have these two shapers of our jour­ney, Plu­to the plan­et of the Will and of self-con­trol, and Nep­tune the plan­et of Uncon­di­tion­al Love and sac­ri­fice, each of them is push­ing and pulling on Trump’s way of being how he holds him­self and presents him­self to the world. The chal­lenge is two-fold, to main­tain self-con­trol and nei­ther be con­trol­ling or out of con­trol, while at the same time being com­pas­sion­ate and sac­ri­fi­cial with­out play­ing the role of vic­tim or mar­tyr. This would be quite a chal­lenge and achieve­ment for any indi­vid­ual, but from what we have seen of Trump, he is cer­tain­ly seems unable to con­trol him­self, nor is he has ever shown an abil­i­ty to sac­ri­fice himself.

And this brings up anoth­er inter­est­ing indi­ca­tor that I have not men­tioned before, at least not pub­licly. There is anoth­er class of indi­ca­tions one can use to deter­mine the mean­ing of var­i­ous points in a chart, which may be espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant in the case of a well-known indi­vid­ual. Astrologers have stud­ied the influ­ence of what are called the Fixed stars of our local space Zodi­ac, with each such star hold­ing var­i­ous qual­i­ties of char­ac­ter that come with spe­cif­ic warn­ings too.

In Trump’s chart a tru­ly impor­tant star is right on his ascen­dant, on his pres­ence in the world. It is the star Reg­u­lus, which is called “the Heart of the Lion” and the “Watch­er of the North” and is found in Trump’s chart at 29 degrees of Leo, which is also Trump’s ascen­dant. It is one of the great four or Roy­al fixed stars, each of which endows a per­son with the poten­tial to gain great suc­cess and to ful­fill their ambi­tions, but only if that per­son faces and over­comes a par­tic­u­lar neme­sis. The neme­sis that must be con­quered with Reg­u­lus is Revenge. Which means that with Reg­u­lus promi­nent in the chart, you will have the poten­tial to gain great fame and for­tune but if you ever stoop to revenge you may lose your pow­er and your position.

So, we find our­selves here in 2024, with the gift of Reg­u­lus for Trump, which offers the bless­ing of being able to attain fame, pow­er, and for­tune, and with Plu­to and Nep­tune trig­ger­ing this degree, which means that he may find his path to suc­cess being brought to an end by his inabil­i­ty to for­give or let go, by his inca­pac­i­ty to feel for any­one oth­er than himself.

There are a num­ber of oth­er impor­tant aspects occur­ring in both Biden’s chart and Trump’s chart, and in the USA chart, and per­haps we will exam­ine those in a future episode. But I do see that our time is pre­cious, and I need to turn to you, the audi­ence, at some point here. So, what I will do is rather than going into any detail with these oth­er “world­ly charts” of coun­tries and lead­ers I will just do an overview, and then we’ll come back and look at them in more detail for our next and future shows.

Start­ing with Ukraine and Rus­sia, and that means also look­ing at Zelen­skyy’s chart and Putin’s chart for the Ukraine/Russia war. What does 2024 hold, and even look­ing to 2025?

It was going to be a very con­fus­ing year for Rus­sia in 2023 with some pit­falls and mishaps in terms of mis­read­ing things. But as we move into 2024, it seems there is less con­fu­sion and dis­rup­tion and more pur­pose­ful­ness and deter­mi­na­tion. Where­as for Ukraine, which seemed to be hold­ing its own under the under some very dif­fi­cult aspects in 2023, some real­ly chal­leng­ing aspects are show­ing up in the chart of Ukraine for 2024 and even mov­ing into 2025.

When we take a deep­er look at both of those charts for Rus­sia and Ukraine, in a future episode, I will go into more detail about those indi­ca­tions might be. But I do think that things are not going to look too well for Ukraine, at least from this view.

And if we look at the charts of the indi­vid­u­als lead­ing these two coun­tries, at Putin’s chart and Zelenskyy’s, chart what do we see? Putin was under the sim­i­lar influ­ence as that of Rus­sia with a strong Nep­tune aspect in 2023. That would have caused him to find that his efforts were being some­what thwart­ed, sort of mis­di­rect­ed or mis­placed. But in 2024 that is lift­ed, and he will be able to focus more on achiev­ing what he may wish to achieve, at least in the short term.

Where­as Zelen­skyy finds him­self under tremen­dous pres­sure. The pres­sure that was there in 2023 remains the same in 2024. So, the stress he has endured will not be let­ting up for him what­so­ev­er. When we meet next, I will look at 2025 and see how that looks for both him and for Putin. But it looks to me that the war between Ukraine and Rus­sia is going to be rather dif­fi­cult for Ukraine in 2024, and giv­en what cur­rent news reports have been indi­cat­ing, that seems to be no great sur­prise to me, or prob­a­bly to you.

China/Xi Jin­ping
If we then look anoth­er major play­er on the world stage, and we will into more detail with our next show, let’s look at what hap­pened to Chi­na and Xi Jin­ping in 2023. There has been a great dis­rup­tion over the issue of val­ue in Chi­na because of a major plan­e­tary tran­sit. Uranus oppo­site to China’s Venus. And for Xi, span­ning both 2022 and 2023, he has expe­ri­enced a great loss of con­fi­dence and self-assur­ance, lead­ing to self-doubts about him­self and what he is doing, with Nep­tune squar­ing his Sun. That may lead to him dur­ing 2024 to con­tin­ue to piv­ot in terms of his aims and actions of his goals and means as Plu­to aspects his Mars.

But there may be some kind of great dis­rup­tion com­ing to Chi­na, lead­ing to the ques­tion of the secu­ri­ty or sta­bil­i­ty of the land in Chi­na in 2024. That is because Uranus, the plan­et that shakes things up moves into the 4th House of Chi­na, which is the root of the chart, of where we come from, but also lit­er­al­ly the land issues of a coun­try. And one of the big prob­lems we all know that has occurred in Chi­na of late is this very large real estate and build­ing bub­ble, that they are try­ing to resolve. But with all of that debt hang­ing over Chi­na, a cou­ple of big fail­ures there could real­ly cause them great dif­fi­cul­ty. So, it looks like more chal­lenges are to come and that could lead to some kind of a reck­on­ing and realign­ment for Chi­na in terms of secu­ri­ty and sta­bil­i­ty, espe­cial­ly with regards to their foun­da­tions in 2024.

North Korea/Kim Jong Un

And then right next door, of course, we always want to take a look at North Korea and Kim Jong Un. For Kim, he has reached a moment in his own life where he’s look­ing at the dreams he has of his life and see­ing how some dreams have come true and some dreams have not come true. He is going through his midlife cri­sis. This hap­pens to all of us when we reach our late 30s and ear­ly 40s. But of course, with him being a world leader, this is play­ing out on the world stage. So, he is strug­gling with how he can real­ize the dreams I have for myself and per­haps for my nation, and it is uncer­tain as to what to do. So, he may act in ways that send out very mixed sig­nals as a result of his own per­son­al “cri­sis”. I think we will get through 2024 with­out any great dif­fi­cul­ty com­ing from North Korea. But I do look at 2025 as being much more of a chal­leng­ing year, because that is the year when the plan­et Plu­to becomes much more active in Kim’s chart, going over his Venus and going over his Sat­urn too. And that will coin­cide with Plu­to going over the Venus of North Korea as well. So, there are a lot of align­ments com­ing in 2025 that should def­i­nite­ly give us pause.

Israel/Benjamin Netanyahu
Let’s take a quick look at what is hap­pen­ing here with Israel and Netanyahu and with Hamas. But with Hamas, well that is much hard­er to do because it is not a nation state per se, it is an orga­ni­za­tion found­ed and declared to be found­ed on a cer­tain date, which peo­ple might com­mon­ly use. But is that the real date to use? We are always won­der­ing. We can be much more cer­tain about what is hap­pen­ing in Israel’s chart, and cer­tain­ly with Ben­jamin Netanyahu’s chart.

The prin­ci­pal influ­ence that is hang­ing over Israel both in 2023 and 2024, and then some­thing changes here in 2024, is that the plan­et Nep­tune, which bring about the pos­si­bil­i­ty or neces­si­ty of dis­solv­ing bound­aries, of mov­ing into a wider under­stand­ing of what­ev­er we are encoun­ter­ing, but always when it’s work­ing, that very dis­solv­ing func­tion and move­ment into a wider, more encom­pass­ing realm, that we all will go through a peri­od between the old real­i­ty and the old under­stand­ing and the new, we enter that space in in between, that we all call confusion.

There was a great deal of con­fu­sion last year and it con­tin­ues into 2024. Nep­tune is tran­sit­ing Israel’s Jupiter, the plan­et that rules truth, the plan­et that rules our belief sys­tems, whether those be sci­en­tif­ic or spir­i­tu­al or reli­gious or legal. We know that there was this very real cri­sis in Israel in 2023, with a major legal strug­gle between and over the kind of demo­c­ra­t­ic struc­ture of that state of Israel. Netanyahu’s coali­tion was push­ing for changes in the bal­ance of pow­er between the leg­is­la­ture (the Knes­set) and the judi­cia­ry. This strug­gle over the bal­ance of pow­er and gov­ern­ing code of Israel brought about the largest protests in Israel’s his­to­ry. At the root of this strug­gle was the very nature of the state of Israel, of peo­ple ques­tion­ing, “what is our truth, what is the way we are sup­posed to be?” And that ques­tion con­tin­ues to rever­ber­ate down into 2024 for Israel. So, at the very root of Israel’s trou­bles in strug­gle over truth and beliefs. I would say that the peo­ple of Israel are very con­fused about the nature of truth, of what they believe and what kind of nation they will be.

Then what is coming in 2024, and which was not there in 2023, comes from the fact that the nation of Israel is a Taurus nation, and the planet Uranus has been moving through Taurus for a number of years now, and in 2024 Uranus will be going over Israel’s Sun which has never happened before. This is the first time Israel has experienced an exact conjunction to the Sun. Every time Uranus touches the Sun, we get shook up and we are made to go through a shock or series of shocks, that leads to a breakthrough and a breakdown, and to the release of new a host of new possibilities ultimately. But it can make for a very great period again of uncertainty, and instability that could lead to a great sense of vulnerability. But it also can be a surprising time, where what was not possible, what was not even conceivable, suddenly becomes normalized and the change that could not be happens. So, a shock is going to be delivered by Israel as well as received by Israel, that is what will happen in 2024.

When we look at Netanyahu’s chart, he has had the planet Neptune forming an alignment to both the planet Mars which rules desire and action, the planet that determines the thrust in life, and to the Sun in his chart which is his experience of himself. It is like what is happening in Trump’s chart with the Yod Formation. For Netanyahu, Neptune is lining up to Mars in one part of his chart, and at the same time to his Sun in another section of his chart. So, this is a twin influence. Neptune dissolves whatever it is influencing, and it will often appear to be bringing about some sort of weakening for whatever it is touching. Mars is your vitality, so there is definitely a draining of vitality, a confusion about desire and direction often leading to misunderstanding and misdirection. For 2023 this influence affected his vitality and his sense of himself, and his assuredness in himself.

And in 2024 this influ­ence remains, with Nep­tune con­tin­u­ing to influ­ence his Sun. It is a two-year process, of being not sure of him­self and uncer­tain of what is going on, which oth­ers will prob­a­bly take advan­tage of his appar­ent weak­ness. He will not feel him­self, and he will not be ful­ly present in what­ev­er he is doing, and he will send out mixed messages.

We will take a deep­er look at all of these charts and at some oth­ers that we have not yet con­sid­ered. We don’t have enough time to do this today, so I will go into more depth with these mat­ters and con­sid­er them in a future show.

I also just want­ed to go back and just remind us of the impor­tance for the USA with this new moon that is tak­ing place in March of 2024. Remem­ber this will hap­pen every 29 years or so. The last new moon in the USA chart was 1990. Before that was 1965, and before that was 1935 and so on. So, it hap­pens repeat­ed­ly, and it is an inter­est­ing way of look­ing at peri­ods in the USA’s life in terms of themes that may be released and then devel­oped in the course of those 29 years.

So, what is hap­pen­ing now in the USA? We are at the end of what has been going on since 1994, and we are mov­ing into a new era here from 2024 onwards. It is an inter­est­ing way of fram­ing and char­ac­ter­iz­ing an era in Amer­i­can his­to­ry, sim­ply through an exam­i­na­tion of these pro­gressed new Moons. But we can and should look at the full Moons too to see the result or cli­max of that cycle, which will hap­pen about 14 to 15 years lat­er. The new Moon of 1994 reached its cli­max in 2008, which of course coin­cid­ed with a col­lapse of the USA econ­o­my, the burst­ing of the debt bub­ble and the mort­gage cri­sis. This sec­ond “great depres­sion” had been formed by the cor­po­rate and gov­ern­men­tal poli­cies and actions that had been pur­sued since 1994. It was this that led to the col­lapse of our econ­o­my and real­ly for the world economy.

The pre­vi­ous new Moon was 1965, and it was the seed being plant­ed that led to a full Moon har­vest which was in 1979. That again was a year of a painful eco­nom­ic har­vest, of what became termed “stagfla­tion”, to a stag­na­tion in jobs and growth and an infla­tion in prices. So, these new moons and full moons func­tion like our book­ends, sort of fram­ing the his­to­ry of the USA in one sense. Per­haps in a future show we will look at more of the entire series of new and full Moons to see our his­to­ry through that method of analysis.

Originally published at https://www.astrologerbillattride.com on February 5, 2024.



Bill Attride

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