2021–4–11 Radio Show Transcript — Neptune’s Message in 2021

Bill Attride
11 min readApr 13, 2021

Transcript of Radio Show: Neptune in Pisces 2021 — The Truth of Unconditional Love, the Falsehood of Separation

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In my fourth show of 2021, we will look once more at the meaning and message of Neptune for us in 2021. In a world where there is so much confusion and illusion, how can we find our way out of the cacophony of falsehoods and into the Light of Truth? It is really quite simple, and yet profound, and we will see how our time is not so different from when Neptune was in Pisces previously.

So today I thought we should revisit our discussion about the planet Neptune whose journey through its own sign of Pisces during our time is from 2011 to 2026. As I mentioned, its previous pass through this sign was from 1847 to 1862, and we can certainly appreciate (even more now) the resonance and rhyming of the spiritual challenges and opportunities these passages hold in common as we bear witness to the striking parallels of our own period in history with what happened then.

Neptune & USA, 1847–1862
As I previously mentioned, the Universalizing, Communal and Unconditional Love messaging of Neptune was very apparent in the United States, most noticeably with the fundamental spiritual obligation in the struggle for emancipation and the abolition of slavery from the late 1840’s, through the 1850’s, leading to the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and the start of the Civil War. That was the defining moment in our history; that “War between the States”, was simply a war whose singular and spiritual purpose was to end slavery in this country.

But Neptune in Pisces can equally be seen, in its more delusional or negative form, as fueling the fevers of “Manifest Destiny” and the drumbeat of continental expansion of the United States which led to the War with Mexico and the California Gold Rush. That war of aggression led to the seizure of what would become Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and California. That was quite a land grab, and we should understand that this military conquest was driven by the determination of propertied white men. The principal wealth of many of those men was through ownership/enslavement of other human beings. The slaveholders in the South saw the drive for abolition as an existential crisis, and their fervent campaign to secure more land was to maintain the power of the Slave Holding states by maintaining their majority in the Senate, by holding the Presidency, and thereby also determining the makeup of the Supreme Court.

In these two contrasting examples, we can see the full range of uplifting spiritual energies of Neptune and the equally Neptunian manifestation of delusions fueling power-mad drives for imperial expansion and dreams of instant wealth that played out here in America. We must remember that the Planetary energies can be manifested from the very lowest of forms on up to the very highest; the question of what will happen in our human kingdom depends upon us, it is determined by our individual and collective levels of spiritual development.

Neptune — Europe and China, 1847–1862
But this was not merely happening here. In Europe, the late 1840’s witnessed one of the strongest advances by social and political movements whose aims were spiritually similar in nature, and across Europe, people joined together to challenge the existing political and economic order, their efforts directed towards emancipation and more democracy, and this led to revolutions against monarchial/absolute powers in a series of popular revolts from France to Austria to Hungary to Prussia. These uprisings led to reforms and a very real advance for human justice and equality. But these efforts mostly ended with counterrevolutions including the end of the French Republic in the Second Empire of Napoleon III.

In China, a Christian Chinese man set out on a mission as the “son of God”, a younger brother to Christ, and created a movement to save the world by sharing wealth and land redistribution. His cause swept across central and eastern China to overthrow the Manchu rulers in the Taiping Rebellion. It was very much their own Civil War and lasted from 1850 to 1864 (parallel to the period of the US Civil War). Yet during this same period, the colonial powers of Europe were deeply involved in trying to maintain their trading privileges and exploitation of China, and their struggles to extract wealth by exporting poison to another people that became known as the Opium Wars, (of note to us is that Neptune is also said to be the ruler of drugs and intoxication).

Neptune, Part of the Triad of Spirit
Yes, the passage of Neptune through Pisces is quite powerful, as it is the holder of this protean agency that moves us beyond the boundaries between one realm of forms and into another, leading to ever greater and more inclusive and encompassing energy-forms. As I have repeatedly stated, Neptune is the Avatar for us of one of the three primary attributes of the Divine. Neptune holds the Energy-Form that connects all with the One, or is the One in all, and which we understand and experience in its highest human form as Unconditional Love. The Truth is there is but One Life, One Love and One Mind, and we are all just sparkling dewdrops in the Life, Love and Mind of the One.

The ultimate Truths flow from what we have been told which is this, that in the beginning there was the One who was as yet unmanifest, and who came into Space-Time by becoming the many, and all these innumerable ones of the One, of which our human kingdom is a host of these ones, that all of these ones are on a journey of the “self-that-is-becoming”, and that path of becoming is guided by the Monad of the One in each of us. We are continually seeking our monad’s self-realization by moving into ever more perfect forms, as we follow the many paths that lead back to the One who (in Truth) is within and behind all these more limited ones, for it is we who are the body of the One.

Yes, I know it seems confusing and paradoxical that the very root of Creation, the Love of the One in all of us “little ones” can both lift a soul to the most sublime experiences of compassion, empathy, and noble self-sacrifice, and that this very energy-form of ego-transcendence and self-unfoldment could also be one of root sources for confusion, delusion, deception and even what we might experience as madness too.

But Spiritual Truths, and Spiritual Energy-Forms are often paradoxical because, well frankly because the Universe is on the one hand so supremely simple and yet also extraordinarily complex and wondrous too! That is why many masters and teachers will use various techniques to help their students break up more fixed and limited perspectives and understandings by speaking paradoxically. It is a technique that is their loving attempt to lift our awareness from a more limited, less encompassing reality-form or structure into the next level of what I call “the Greater Understanding”.

This is one of the great benefits bestowed by Neptune, the power of Clear-Seeing or Clairvoyance, and it is why Astrologers have often called Neptune “The Universal Solvent”, for it dissolves the boundaries and so opens our minds and our hearts to wider experiences and deeper understanding. But in that very function of dissolving, we are forced to “let go” of that which has formed our reality, an older paradigm that has given us the comfort and security of a true but limited understanding our world, but which has equally kept us bound to a lesser consciousness of the “Greater Reality”.

Spiritual Gifts, also a challenge
Yet it is also true, that in the release from one form there is always the danger, that by becoming untethered to what was real, an individual or group or even a nation may become enamored of energy-forms that are not familiar, and although they may even seem quite beautiful and full of light, it can also be true that this illumination is sometimes but a fractured reflection, a shadowed-form of fear that is not an advancement but a diversion into false and deceptive pathways. The history of humanity is littered with manias, delusions, and eruptions of falsehoods that took possession of a people and often ended in great sorrow and destruction. There are some books and studies about this historical phenomenon such as “Manias, Panics and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises”, or the equally significant phenomena of millennial movements in cults and religions, and lesser or greater conspiracy theories throughout history.

What we need as we walk the path of awakening is, on the one hand, to maintain some necessary connection to that which is true and at least for us more permanent and everlasting, as we let go of other old certainties that stand in the way of our enlightenment. If we can remain rooted to the essential nature of the Universe, and follow its guidance, then we may more safely explore the path that can lead to a more encompassing paradigm and way of being that is the pathway to the Greater Understanding that is held in the One.

The Way is found through Everlasting Truth
As I often remind my clients, there are certain truths that are “Truths”, that is Truth with a capital “T”. Number one: This Universe is formed by one primary Energy-Form, The Unconditional Love of the One for all the ones; Two: That made by Unconditional Love, we are here to Love and be Loved Unconditionally too; Three: Given the Energy-Form that holds all of Creation as One is our Root Energy-Form as well, then we are here quite simply to Love One Another, and it follows that we should Love the other as we Love Our own true Self for there really is no difference. Each one of us, all of us are in Truth sparks of the One and so we are here to live by the light of divine within each of us, indeed in all that we do, it is by this Love that we bow to the Divine that is the entirety of this wondrous Creation too.

If rooted and grounded in Love, we can explore this Universe carefully, caringly, lovingly, and wisely. We can grow, guided by our Higher Intuitive Self (again, held by the Avatar that is Neptune) by letting go of our old but more limited certainties that held us together but may now hold us back, as those old circumferences of reality-forms are circumscribed by what have become our crystallized fears that are now holding us back from what we are meant to be.

Neptune 2011–2026
So, for example in our present-day circumstances, as Neptune journeys through Pisces from 2011 to 2026, we have seen that many of the commonly held reality-forms that held us together “as one”, whether within and between our families, communities, cultures, nations and even as citizens of this world, that our common and shared realities became less certain for many. Around the world and in our country, for many individuals and groups, the old “Bubbles of Belief” were replaced by an eruption of alternate and often quite conflicted and confusing reality-forms, and some of these emerged out of delusions, misinformation and deceptions that were spread at the speed of light via the myriad networks of social media platforms.

Whereas the manias of old like the Tulip Mania in 1636–37, or the South Sea Bubble investment bubble of 1720, were spread by letters and newspapers, our present-day engines of viral propagation, the social media platforms with their logarithms of desire and fear, create an informational wildfire of delusions that are much more potent and mesmerizing, sweeping through individuals, groups, nations and often around the entire world.

Spiritually, the psychological/emotional root of how manias and conspiracy theories take hold is that vulnerable individuals have become separated from others and from within themselves, and often more or less untethered to their higher spiritual/intuitive self. It is that higher self which holds us upon the middle path of love, reason, and sympathy, and it encourages us to approach any situation (and any other being) with a self-critical, self-awareness, while equally maintaining an empathetic, open, and humble consideration of the matter or being before us.

How We Fall Into Error
When we lack this anchoring within our higher self, we fall prey to the attraction to and entrapment by the lower emotional mind, which operates in a very binary fashion, (good or evil, truth or lie, us or them). This lower mind is fundamentally shaped by Fear not Love, and it is this fearful nature that drives many who become captured by manias and conspiratorial delusions. Their fear-shaped consciousness constricts their self-critical and self-correcting faculties, and their narrowed perspective drives them into some form of compensation. One classic psychological mechanism to negatively cope with fear and feelings of vulnerability is to find some means to create a false sense of superiority.

Instead of remaining in the larger community of commonly held beliefs, truths, and facts, individuals who are possessed by their lower mind find like-minded others and form a separate community, whose members feel that they are privy to a special, secret, and greater knowledge than those who do not agree with their binary and fear-based claims. Without the rootedness in eternal truths and values, their spurious claims of superior knowledge become increasingly warped and bent beyond all reason, since they are untethered from the bedrock of our reason, which is our true and unconditionally loving spiritual self.

Here we find revealed the distinctive difference between a spiritual or “living” faith that is rooted in the Unconditional Love of the One, and a fear-based, shadowed faith of rigid dogmas that separates the true believers from those who are “other”, and which fundamentally divides their believers from the rest of humanity. The principal difference is the spiritual error of separation, to divide and separate humans from one another, to place humanity into separate and unequal groupings, classes, ethnicities, and beliefs.

The Noble Path of Awakening
Yes, Neptune is one of the keys to understanding our path of awakening; and the fundamental Truth of this Creation is that there is but One Mind, One Love and One Spirit. By Uranus, we find the way by our Freer Minds to Individuation, as we become a unique one in the Mind of the One; by Neptune, we live by what made us, in the Unconditional Love which is the Love of the One in all of us; and by Pluto, we find our way by Centered Wills to align our will with the Will of the One. This is the Noble Path of Awakening, and it is the Way of the One held by the Triad of Spirit found in every particle of Creation.

The Ancient Wisdom holds that the Love of the One is Unconditional and All-Encompassing. And we, who are sparks of this One Divine Light, we are equally called upon to strive to treat one another, and indeed all of life, as our brothers and sisters, as our mothers and fathers, as dear to us as we are to ourselves; that we are here quite simply to learn and so become that Light which is Love; and that our entire Journey in Spirit is for us to awaken to our true nature which is to love and be loved in this Creation, a Creation in which we and countless sparks of the Divine actually form that living embodiment of Love.

Let us find our way through confusion and fear in the present moment by listening to the gentle voice of our Higher Self; by remaining in the Light of the One, by aligning our will with the Will of the One, we will walk on the Path of Unconditional Love forever and ever.

Let it be so.



Bill Attride

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